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OneStream – Integration and Attribute Dimensions

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Recently a question was posted to OneStream Champions, inquiring on how to configure Attribute Value Dimensions.  This blog will provide a tutorial on how this configuration occurs which will be demonstrated with the OneStream GolfStream application.

As is customary, log into the GolfStream application.

Blog 202106 01

Select and expand “Application” -> “Cube” -> “Cubes“.

Blog 202106 02

Select the “Cube” for which the Attribute Dimension will be configured for.  In this example, “Houston” is selected.

Blog 202106 03

With the “Houston Cube” selected, click the “Integration” tab.

Blog 202106 04

After selecting the “Integration” tab, the configuration of “Cube” “#1“, “Label” “#2“, and “Attribute” “#3” Dimensions is displayed by Scenario Type.  In the configuration displayed which is for the Actual Scenario Type, Attribute 1 is enabled which visually is indicated by the non greyed out text.  To enable an Attribute Dimension, select one of the greyed out dimensions to begin the process which in this example with be “Attribute2“.

Blog 202106 06

Update the Enabled setting from “False” to “True” “#1” which is the initial step to utilize the Attribute2 dimension for integration.  Optionally change the Alias “#2” to have a business meeting.  After the updates have been completed, select the “SaveBlog 202106 10 icon.

Blog 202106 08

Blog 202106 17

Having enabled the Attribute2 Dimension, the next step will be to configure the Data Source.  To continue, select “Application” -> “Data Collection” -> “Data Sources“.

Blog 202106 11

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Navigate to and select the “Data Source” to which the Attribute Dimension will be added to which in this example is “HoustonRevMgmt“.

Blog 202106 12

With the Data source selected, click the “Create Source DimensionBlog 202106 14 icon.

Blog 202106 13

After the “Create Source Dimension” dialog box renders, update the Name from “Amount” to “InvoiceDesc, Attribute2, Name” which will also update the Data Type from “Numeric” to “Attribute“.  Once this is done, select “OK“.

Blog 202106 15

Blog 202106 18

Update the “Source Field Name” from “(Unassigned)” to “InvDesc” and select the “SaveBlog 202106 10 icon.  Note, the items listed in the drop-down for “Source Field Name” are configured in the Connector Business Rule defined for the Data Source.

Blog 202106 19

Blog 202106 20

To test the configuration, navigate to the Workflow POV for Houston which in this example will be “Houston” -> “Actual” -> “2011“.

Blog 202106 21

Select “Houston.Sales Detail” which is the Workflow configured for the Data Source previously updated.

Blog 202106 22

Select “Import” to view the previous import which is displayed in the second image and shows Attribute2 “Invoice Desc” added but without values.

Blog 202106 23

Blog 202106 24 00

To update “Invoice Desc“, select “Load And Transform“.

Blog 202106 25

Select “OK“.

Blog 202106 26

After the “Import” completes, “Attribute2 – InvoiceDesc” will have values.

Blog 202106 27

In the event you need to add and configure an Attribute Dimension to a Data Source, I hope you find this post helpful.  As always should you have any questions, either leave a comment or email me at

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