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Healthcare Client Gets Major Commerce Upgrade

Cardinal Health, a major healthcare services client, needed help upgrading from HCL Commerce V7 to V9 to serve its Medical Solutions Segment which is responsible for the sale and distribution of medical products to hospitals and other healthcare providers. The need to upgrade before loss of support of the current, older version was imperative, and our expertise with the technology and long-standing relationship with Cardinal Health made Perficient the perfect choice for a partner on this project.

How We Accomplished the Migration

At the time of the migration, Cardinal Health was going through a code-freeze and had a small window of time to complete the HCL Commerce migration as the company upgraded its enterprise resource planning (ERP). Cardinal Health chose us for this project among other potential partners due to our deep knowledge of the client’s business, in-depth scoping of requirements, and our deep experience with platform migration projects in general. Cardinal Health had discussions with the HCL Commerce product team who were confident in our team’s skillsets and the recommendations we made towards how we would achieve this migration through an accelerated timeline.

We began with conversations and scoping sessions, as well as workshops with Cardinal Health’s Medical ecommerce team to discuss how the platform is a factor in accelerating business growth and creating a more seamless customer experience. From an IT perspective, we highlighted everything from the platform’s infrastructure and development to communication tools, daily scrums, and more.

Perficient partnered closely with the Cardinal Health team to first gain access to the required environments, code artifacts, and test scripts. We then quickly gained a thorough understanding of how the current solution was built, all of the core components, and customizations, which ensured we were able to properly validate the migrated solution. Then, we created parallel environments to complete setup, configuration, custom code assets migration, database migration, and testing through to a production-ready environment, allowing full production testing before the final cutover, virtually ensuring success on the final cutover night

Perficient successfully completed the migration of the Cardinal Health Medical eCommerce site within the timeframe allowed for the project. With the upgraded platform, Cardinal Health has seen an improvement in site-speed, allowing customers to search and buy products more quickly, and enable Cardinal to process orders quickly within the platform. This will not only benefit buyers, but will also help Cardinal Health with efficiency and provide better return-visit rates for the website. For more information on how to upgrade your commerce platform efficiently, contact our experts today.

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