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[Podcast] The Data Strategy Show

Season 2 of Perficient's Intelligent Data Podcast

A good data strategy helps organizations get the most out of their data. In order to drive business value, you need to understand what your data means.

In season 1 episode 3 of the Intelligent Data Podcast, host Arvind Murali and his guest Shamir Sharma, a Data Strategist, Speaker, Podcast Host, and an industry leader in Data Strategy, discuss data strategy, data management, and data science.

Listening Guide

  • Portraying the ‘what is data strategy?’ message to executives. [4:33]
  • The technology aspect of your data strategy [11:39]
  • (Data-driven) Value creation [19:26]
  • What is the meaning of data literacy? [24:48]
  • Design principals [38:01]
  • The future of data strategies [39:56]
  • The motive behind Samir’s podcast strategy [46:47]


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Connect with the Host and Guest

Perficient Intelligent Data PodcastArvind Murali, Perficient Principal and Chief Strategist

LinkedIn | Perficient


Samir Sharma on Season 2 of Perficient's Intelligent Data PodcastSamir Sharma, Data Strategist, Speaker, Podcast Host



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