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Improving Debt Collections – It’s More Than Just Technology…

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Collections Strategies Webinar

Our financial services practice is helping banks, credit unions, and other credit providers optimize their collections process by infusing omni-channel technology, process improvements, and best practices. We’re helping them connect with more customers than ever before, and in new ways, to achieve higher contact rates.

Through our work, we’ve found that other opportunities exist…beyond technology. We call it Workforce Optimization.

Collection departments will greatly benefit from the following improvements:

  1. Unified vision and team that has traceable goals, which link to rewards and company expectations
  2. Adaptable agents who are provided with ongoing enhancement training to maintain performance edge
  3. Messaging and scripting geared towards customers who express interest in support and relief
  4. Reengineered processes based on best practices and innovation

Case Study


  • A top-50 bank (based on asset size) wanted to improve agent payment arrangement performance. Customer retention was suffering, and it was incurring unnecessary losses.


  • We designed and supported the launch of a new Collections Call Model and QA program that increased payment arrangements by 58% within 90 days and an incremental increase of 71% after 12 months. These improvements also resulted in an improved customer experience.

Do you want these same results for your collections team? Our Collection experts would be excited to help you achieve higher levels of workforce optimization. Please reach out to me ( for more information.

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Byron Gifford

Byron Gifford is Perficient’s lead business consultant for financial services. With an extensive background as an executive leader in the banking industry, Byron has helped several banks improve their loan losses, increase customer retention, and reduce operational expenses through modernizing their collections and loss mitigation process engines. Byron specializes in developing innovative and dynamic contact strategies, creating cultures that deliver a relentless focus on enhancing the customer experience and retention, and implementing automation for business manual processes.

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