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Leveraging the Cloud to Improve the Entire Consumer Experience

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This is the fourth and final installment in a series on how cloud is shaping healthcare. To learn more, read the first, second, and third installments.

Using the latest technologies, retailers have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into their online experiences. They’re going beyond the “click to buy” and allowing customers the ability to interact with them on any device, at any time. Chatbots, SMS shipping updates, and tracking purchases through digital customer profiles provide shoppers with personalized, connected shopping experiences.

Why not apply these same technologies to healthcare?

Creating 24/7, Digital Healthcare Experiences

Today’s healthcare consumers have come to expect this same level of personalization and customer service from their healthcare ecosystems. They’re looking for ways to interact with healthcare providers without leaving their homes and access important health updates from their phones.

Healthcare organizations are incorporating AI and other technologies for:

  • Telehealth and virtual visits
  • Take-home medical devices
  • Remote prescription fulfillment
  • Bill pay
  • Medical claims

Virtual Healthcare Agents with CCAI and Twilio Flex

For example, Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) and Twilio Flex are enabling healthcare organizations to provide personalized support, immediate service, and quick issue resolution with virtual healthcare agents. This also allows organizations to empower human agents with continuous call support, intent identification in charts, and real-time, step-by-step assistance.

Components of Google CCAI:

  • Dialogflow CX: Create natural AI-driven conversations across devices and platforms with advanced virtual agents
  • Speech-to-text: Accurately recognize speech with machine learning regardless of phrasing, vocabulary, or accent
  • Text-to-speech: Communicate with customers in a natural, conversational manner across multiple channels with state-of-the-art speech generation AI
  • Natural language: Use machine learning to gain insights from unstructured text, even social media sentiment and customer conversations

To learn more about Google CCAI, click here.

Similarly, patient and member-facing portals are being enhanced with mobile applications that give consumers access to their health and insurance data from anywhere, on any device, along with the options to talk with virtual agents, chat with a doctor, and complete insurance payments and claims. With healthcare at their fingertips, consumers are spending less time on hold.

What aspects of virtual healthcare do you use?

Perficient + Healthcare

We’re a Google Premier Partner with more than 20 years of cross-industry experience in end-to-end digital transformations. We combine our expertise with GCP technology to provide solutions focused on customer experience and quality of patient care.

To date, we’ve helped 90% of the largest healthcare systems and 100% of the largest US health insurance plans implement solutions to meet ever-increasing data needs, regulations, and customer expectations.

To learn more about how the cloud is accelerating healthcare, download our guide.

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