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Reducing the Cost of Care with Google Cloud Platform

This is the third installment in a series on how the cloud is shaping healthcare. To learn more, read the first and the second installments.

One of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry is the need to reduce operational spend while increasing revenue, improving the quality of care, and meeting industry standards. This is compounded by the struggle to contain rising infrastructure, administrative, and pharmaceutical costs.

Each year, healthcare organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on IT infrastructure, but that alone can’t deliver digital solutions that support clinicians and patients. For example, a company might create an electronic health record (EHR) platform built on outdated, legacy infrastructure that’s costly to maintain and can be disruptive to the continuum of care.

Organizations that have been successful in their digital transformations are migrating their legacy infrastructure to the cloud. They’re also building new systems and processes to enhance care and, over time, saving money.

Moving to the Cloud Saves Healthcare Organization 50% in Operational Costs

Our client, a large healthcare center, was struggling with their disconnected systems. They were costly and time-consuming to maintain and update, and it was difficult for them to fully leverage important data.

The center needed to pull data from multiple sources in order to create actionable information, and they wanted to do so by moving to the cloud and modernizing legacy systems. This would allow them to pull genetic, clinical, claims, family, and environmental data to create holistic views of their patients.

We implemented Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help our client’s data scientists and clinical decision-makers unlock their data for analytics, visualization, and distribution. As a result, data preparation time decreased by 50%, operating costs dropped 50%, and security and efficiency were enhanced.

Perficient + Healthcare

We’re a Google Premier Partner with more than 20 years of cross-industry experience in end-to-end digital transformations. We combine our expertise with GCP technology to provide solutions focused on customer experience and quality of patient care.

To date, we’ve helped 90% of the largest healthcare systems and 100% of the largest US health insurance plans implement solutions to meet ever-increasing data needs, regulations, and customer expectations.

To learn more about how the cloud is accelerating healthcare, download our guide.


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