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The UnNoticed Show with Arvind Murali

How can companies take advantage of digital platforms?

Last week, Arvind Murali, Chief Data Strategist and Principal at Perficient, was a guest on the UnNoticed Show with Jim James. The UnNoticed Show talks with business owners and leaders to offer advice to entrepreneurs and small business owners about how they can get their business noticed.

The world of platforms is always evolving. In this episode, Arvind talks with Jim about how small to medium-sized businesses can gain the most value out of being on platforms such as Uber Eats and Amazon. They discuss how start-ups can start thinking of platform economy and how these platforms can be used as a way to drive more business in an age where everyone is online.

Listen now to the on-demand recording.



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Courtney Gardner

Courtney Gardner is a Marketing Coordinator at Perficient.

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