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Pega and Adobe Unite to Elevate Customer Interactions

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Exciting news was announced during PegaWorld’s iNspire event on May 4, 2021. Pega and Adobe are joining forces to provide an end-to-end customer-centric journey.

Leveraging Pega’s Customer Decision Hub (CDH) and Next Best Action Advisor—adaptive and predictive models can be used with Adobe customer applications to provide the most relevant offers or recommendations to customers. The personalized one-on-one offer can be delivered through customers’ preferred channels and recommendations are based on historical data, such as claims and referrals and customer interaction data.

Pega’s Next Best Action Advisor can provide real-time actions and recommendations when interacting with the customer. Customer’s web behavior data (e.g., click-stream activity) from Adobe and customer data from other sources can be used to determine next best actions for sales and customer service teams while interacting with the customer over different channels such as phone, text or chat. Such recommendations can be essential to gaining new customers or retaining existing ones.

CDH uses the extended customer analytic record (XCAR) model to store customer records in the decision data store. There are industry-specific (e.g., healthcare and financial services) XCAR data models available that come with an out-of-the-box business-friendly data element and can be extended to meet business needs. The data model elements can be populated either via a batch export or real-time integration with Adobe cloud storage. The data received from Adobe is then processed by the Next Best Action Advisor to predict customer behavior and provide relevant next best actions that can be made available across different channels.

Pega CDH is deployed on Pega Cloud which is HIPAA and HITRUST compliant. Sensitive customer data is stored according to the highest security standards. While data needed for decisioning can be of very high volume, CDH can pull relevant data fields from different sources that are required to make the next best action and provide those actions to Adobe in either real-time or as batch export.

Learn more about our Pega and Adobe Partnerships

As an Adobe Platinum Partner and Pega Partner Advisory Council Member, we are uniquely experienced in delivering impactful and measurable digital solutions for our clients. Learn more about our Adobe partnership here and our Pega partnership here.

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