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The Ravit Show Meets Perficient Chief Data Strategist

The Ravit Show With Arvind Murali

Arvind Murali, Perficient Chief Strategist and host of the Intelligent Data Podcast, was a recently a guest on an internet show called The Ravit Show. The Ravit Show is a live-chat show hosted on LinkedIn and YouTube that invites influencers and thought leaders from around the world to discuss various tech topics and upcoming trends.

Ravit Jain, a community manager at Packt and the show’s host, met with Arvind to discuss customer intelligence, platform revolution, data governance, human-centered design, and more.

Check out the replay below!

The Ravit Show with Arvind Murali

Show Notes

Connect with Arvind Murali and his thought leadership:
Arvind’s Charlotte Business Journal article on platform strategy and network effect (content is gated on CBJ site)

Future Intelligent Data Podcast episodes to watch out for in season 2 (episodes are slated to go live in early May)

  • Scott Taylor, The Data Whisperer, joins Arvind on the podcast to discuss the key techniques that data management strategists and practitioners need to consider to make them successful and deliver value to the business.
  • Brian O’Neill, the founder of Designing for Analytics and a consulting product designer, and Arvind do a deep dive on human-centered design and data practioners.

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