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Life at Perficient

Perficient’s Women in Tech ERG Shares Career Growth Experiences with Bright Paths Students

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At Perficient, there is no shortage of supportive, friendly colleagues willing to share knowledge, explain processes, or brainstorm on cutting-edge tactics. Our innovation comes from the collaboration of diverse minds and industry-leading talent our people bring to the table every day. One reason Perficient colleagues thrive in our environment is the focus on continuous learning and career growth. Our clients depend on us to be not just two, but five steps ahead, and Perficient is dedicated to ensuring career growth opportunities of all kinds are available to everyone.

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Tools for Growing Your Career at Perficient

Because career growth looks different at every organization and to every person, Perficient launched an internal initiative in 2019 called Growth for Everyone that includes tools to grow your career specific to Perficient. Perficient Academy is a repository of on-demand training developed for colleagues by Perficient subject matter experts or by third-party partners. The tool is designed to empower every colleague to develop their talents and refine their skills. Bi-monthly career growth panels, sponsored by Perficient’s Women in Tech ERG, use storytelling and experience-sharing of real colleagues to share tips and inspire fellow colleagues to what is possible when you work at Perficient.

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Perficient’s Women in Tech Share the Impact of Coding Bootcamps on their Career to Bright Paths Students

Seeing the resounding support for our internal career growth panels, the Women in Tech ERG identified a few members to share their stories — some even bootcamp graduates, themselves — with the students of our new community program, Perficient Bright Paths, a virtual education experience designed to advance STEM education and career opportunities for underrepresented constituencies and communities while helping to close the gap that exists in the technology industry, especially among women and minorities.

People from all backgrounds and experience levels can not just do well, but excel at Perficient. Here are just a few of our Perficient Women in Tech that proves that.

Kelly Flood With CatEvery Day is Different

Kelly Flood​, Technical Consultant:

I have had over fifteen different jobs in my life, including food service, retail, graphic design, and print, marketing coordinator, accountant, bartender…even an au pair for 8-year-old triplets. I had finally entered a “big kid” career a few years ago, but the job was physical and I injured my back, making it impossible to continue. I knew I needed a switch, something that could sustain a comfortable lifestyle and support my needs as I get older. I’d always loved working with computers and had a knack for it, and when I learned about tech bootcamps, I immediately knew this was the change for me. I had some background in HTML and CSS, but absolutely none in programming, or in Salesforce. I researched different bootcamps and settled on Tech Elevator. I closed my eyes, signed the loan, and never looked back. I’m so glad I made the jump. I absolutely love my career with Perficient and am so thankful that I was able to find such a great place right out of the gate.

Why Perficient?

I loved the idea of consulting vs. traditional programming. It seemed like the perfect combination of client interaction and computer work. I like having unique challenges each day instead of churning out the same things every week. Perficient allows me to have that balance and variety, and I find it to be an incredibly ethical and open workplace. I also absolutely love the people here. My team is great, my leaders are amazing, and I feel welcome and valued. Everyone I’ve met so far has been interesting, kind, and genuinely dedicated to their work. I know I can rely on my team to get things done right.​

Amyre VincentValues Matter

Amyre Vincent​, Associate Technical Consultant:

My background is STEAM to the core (kind of: not so much E, heavy on the S, A, and M, new to the T). After fourteen years in Bioscience (Perinatology Research), a crazy turn of events led to coding bootcamp, which then led to Perficient. Now, I’m an App Dev team member, working in Salesforce CRM (Sales and Service) and Marketing Clouds, along with testing and access. I stay ready to pivot!

Why Perficient?

I was intentional about the environment that I needed in order to thrive… I wanted to be with a company that values people and continuous learning. One that would allow me to work with technology that could be leveraged anywhere. Perficient has done an excellent job from Day One.​

Samantha Z MountainsPeople-First Culture

Samantha Ziegel​, Sr. Business Consultant:

I started college looking to get into nursing, then decided to switch to a more business-focused route. Finding a middle ground of public health, I focused on healthcare operations from 2008-2012. In 2012, I made the leap and wiggled my way into my first healthcare IT role with a small company out of Alabama. I have held a variety of jobs and roles over the last ten years in hopes of continually expanding my skillset and exposure.​

Why Perficient?

Perficient puts its people first. I feel at home at Perficient. Everyone treats all team members as equals. Even though we are a consulting company, we strive for work-life and family balance. I don’t feel like a number here. I feel a part of something bigger.​

Chitra ShahCareer Advancement Opportunities

Chitra Shah​, Technical Consultant:

I graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey with a BA in Political Science. After interning at a law firm, I pursued paralegal studies. I ended up getting a job soon thereafter as an Immigration paralegal and eventually worked as an Immigration Coordinator at various corporations. Some life changes lead me to move to Toronto in Canada from NJ where I found a booming Tech sector. I ended up enrolling in a bootcamp after some introductory courses in HTML/CSS/JS. After weeks of trials and tribulations and some serious breakdowns, I was able to graduate from the program, secured an internship, and eventually got hired. One year and a half later, I’m still at the same employer and was recently promoted! ​

Why Perficient?

Initially, I joined because it was the first opportunity to come my way. I joined full-time because I found that in just six months, I had grown in my technical skills beyond what I could have gained elsewhere. Not every junior gets to work on major client projects two weeks in! ​


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Perficient at our Careers page.

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