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Perficient Formalizes ERGs to Drive Global Connection for Colleagues

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As the leading global digital consultancy, helping clients adapt to change is what Perficient’s business is built on. So it’s no surprise that internally, how we engage as an employee population will shift as we grow, as well.

Perficient is a company full of unique populations, and multicultural competency and understanding is critical to our success. In an effort to amplify the stories and voices of our colleagues, Perficient is formalizing global community groups called Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

What is an ERG?

Employee Resource Groups – known as ERGs, affinity groups, or business resource groups – are a powerful advancement platform where talent and business development interconnect and build upon one another to create a workplace culture that supports and honors those who comprise our employee and business communities.

Existing for decades, ERGs have evolved from groups for employees to share experiences and network to being a recognized and valuable tool in creating exponential success for the business, employee population, and surrounding community.

ERGs are typically categorized by distinguishable characteristics, like social community and professional advancement, in addition to being driven by specific attributes, such as a demographic (e.g. women), life stage (e.g. Generation Y), or function (e.g. consultant). Examples of ERG groups include caregiver, cultural diversity, disability, military veteran, generational, or early-career employees. Colleagues at all job levels benefit from the full circle of feedback and mentorship.

As resource groups develop, considerations like operating structure, organizational roles and support, leader attributes, mission, distinguishing characteristics, membership type, and programmatic focus help elevate a grassroots effort into a mature, contributive model earning visibility and credibility across the company.


Did you know?

  • ERGs typically determine their own mission and goals and educate the organization so that their efforts are visible and get others involved.
  • ERGs are often staffed by employees who volunteer their time. ERGs generally develop their own agenda and meetings are held at intervals determined by the members.
  • ERGs can host events, assist with recruitment and engagement plans, serve as advisors for other employees (mentoring), and get involved in community service.

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Benefits of ERGs

ERGs provide a unique opportunity to support business objectives.

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Connection and Community

As professional and personal development opportunities surface through involvement with ERGs, networking with like-minded others and their allies creates more engagement, commitment, retention, and job satisfaction, ultimately leading to a more positive experience for everyone.

Reputation and Recruitment

Fostering a brand as a community partner and employer of choice is enhanced through the increased visibility through the connections and networks of ERG members. The footprint to source top talent automatically expands when there is a diverse employee base. Furthermore, ERGs can utilize employee knowledge and expertise for talent management.

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Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

As a company that strongly supports diversity, we realize our ability to deliver innovative solutions comes from the backgrounds, education, and experiences of our colleagues. ERGs promote this by creating opportunities for diverse and culturally sensitive ideas to develop and allow for informed decision making with input from employees knowledgeable about specific demographics or populations.

Career Growth

With multiple ways to participate in ERGs, there are many opportunities to lead – and at any level. ERGs provide resources for career growth and leadership development such as mentorship and coaching, experience and exposure, company-wide visibility, access to senior leaders, and cross-group collaboration.

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ERG Best Practices Any Team Can Use

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Here are some ERG best practices that work for any team.

  • Create accountability. What results is each member responsible for?
  • Get other colleagues’ input. What other perspectives can you consider?
  • Communicate learnings. Are you communicating regularly about how your team has impacted business operations?
  • Assess synergy. Are goals aligned across the team and the business?
  • Evaluate culture. Are you creating an inclusive, engaging atmosphere for others to feel that their contributions are valued and making a difference?
  • Continue to measure. Are you regularly measuring for improvements and modifications?
  • Share success. Are you informing your communities and stakeholders about your success?

Your Chance to Build the Experience

All colleagues at Perficient are encouraged to join, attend events, and provide feedback, support, and suggestions. Each of our colleagues will influence the development of our ERG strategy to include more groups that help the business and our people succeed.

Together, with valuable and respected input from each colleague, Perficient continues to pursue the never-ending goal of creating the best, innovative, inclusive, and engaged workforce.


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Perficient at our Careers page.

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