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Preparing for the SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator (April 2021)

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Back in February, I posted another blog that outlined each of Microsoft’s new certifications around security and compliance. Today, we’ll dig into one of those exams, the SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator so you can get certified! Without further ado, let’s see what this exam entails!

There are three main components to this exam:

  • Implementing Information Protection
  • Implementing Data Loss Prevention
  • Implementing Information Governance 

To help you prepare for this exam, I’ll include links to each of these topics so you can go straight to the source and avoid the confusion of not knowing what to study.

Implementing Information Protection (35-40%)

Create and manage sensitive information types

Create and manage trainable classifiers

Implement and manage sensitivity labels

Plan and implement encryption for email messages

Implement Data Loss Prevention (30-35%)

Create and configure data loss prevention policies

Implement and monitor Microsoft Endpoint data loss prevention

Manage and monitor data loss prevention policies and activities

Implement Information Governance (25-30%)

Configure retention policies and labels

Manage data retention in Microsoft 365

Implement records management in Microsoft 365

That wraps up all of the topics covered on the SC-400. I also encourage you to check out Microsoft Learn content on this exam, which can be found here. I hope you have found this helpful, and I wish you the best of luck on your exam! 

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