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Perficient Colleagues Make a Difference for Global Health and Wellness

Ward Maad

Nonprofits that revolve around health and wellness are always popular and widely supported around the holidays. Almost every person in the United States knows someone who has been affected by illnesses similar to cancer, ALS, MS, or heart disease. According to, in 2018 there were 18.1 million new cases of cancer and over 9 million deaths across the world. Most people can think of a health or wellness organization they support when asked. 

Helping Make Communities a Healthier Place

Sumi Mohan Dec Difference

Sumi Mohan, associate technical consultant in Chennai

During 2020, health was at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The COVID-19 pandemic had individuals worldwide even more focused on health and hygiene than before. In the 2020 holiday season, Perficient’s colleagues were all given $100 dollars to pay it forward in their communities and spread some much-needed kindness. Almost 100 colleagues chose to give back to health and wellness organizations, some of which are linked below. This is in addition to the many colleagues who donated and paid directly for medical care and supplies for people around the globe.

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Photo 2020 12 04 14 58 45

Jorge Andres Montes Alvarado, software developer in Colombia

Giving Back to Health & Wellness Organizations

Our colleagues gave back to health non-profits, representing a variety of different health causes, national and local charities, and research centers, hospitals, and resource centers alike.

Colleague Helps Fund Free Dance Lessons for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Matthew Fleishman, senior solutions architect, chose to donate to a cause that is near to his heart: dancing for health. Dance 4 Your Health is dedicated to bringing the joy and healing power of music and dance to people with Parkinson’s Disease and other degenerative neurological diseases via the power of the Internet at no cost to the participants.

“Dancing helps people bring control over their bodies they might not otherwise have had,” explains Lorena Bravo, the dance instructor who now teaches in front of a screen instead of in the dance studio. Lisa Sandoval, who helps run Dance 4 Your Health, informed us that the virtual environment has allowed visitors from Boston, Los Angeles, and even Chile to join the free class. “We need fun,” Lorena continues. “We need something to look forward to, and Perficient’s donation will help many people continue to dance for their health.”

You can sign up for free classes and offer donations on their website.

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Check out some of the organizations our colleagues gave back to below and consider paying it forward and donating time or money to a cause you care about! 

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Perficient are big believers in giving back to the communities in which we live and work, and we have the opportunity to empower our colleagues to pay it forward and spread some much-needed joy. It’s our hope that these single acts of giving and gratitude leave individual marks on the communities in which we live and work. Together, we have an opportunity to make a global impact.

Learn more about the “Make a December Difference” campaign of kindness

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