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Office Profile: Go Inside Perficient’s Medellín Office

Perficient Latin America Medellin Office Lobby

The Perficient Latin America office in Medellín, Colombia, sits just south of the city in the neighborhood of Itagui. Once a booming textile manufacturing district, Itagui has become the “Silicon Valley of Colombia” over the past 20 years. With more multinational technology firms choosing Medellín as their headquarters, the area has transformed into a hub for skilled developers and engineers.

Our most recent office renovation project took place during the pandemic while colleagues have been working remote. The Perficient Latin America team based in Medellín is excited about the possibility of returning to work in the new office.

“When the pandemic struck, we were ready to adapt fast and transition to 100% remote work. However, we are eager to get back in the office while continuing to adapt to this new reality and leverage these great spaces so everyone in the company, as well as our visiting clients, can experience our culture firsthand,” said Camilo Gomez, director of business development.

A New Office for the Next Chapter

The spacious building seamlessly incorporates a modern, open floorplan to accommodate up to 500 colleagues. Floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the space with natural light as vertical gardens transform it into a tropical greenhouse. With 75,600 square feet of open space and 42-foot tall ceilings, the sheer size leaves a lasting impression.

Perficient Latin America Medellin Office Aerial View

“We have been very generous in terms of space for employees,” said Ana Lucia, a financial analyst who was heavily involved the renovation project. “If you divide the area of the office by the total number of employees, you have approximately 45 square feet of space per person.”

Perficient Latin America Medellin Office Amphitheatre

A partially covered outdoor terrace features extensive vertical gardens, giving colleagues a serene space to step outside for fresh air, even during the rainy season. With the exception of the artificial grass carpets designed to mimic real lawns, all of the greenery in the office is alive with soaring walls covered from floor-to-ceiling in native tropical plants and succulents.  Perficient Latin America Medellin Office Terrace

Designed for a Collaborative Culture

“In addition to providing a pleasant and attractive space, our offices are designed to keep us together and to facilitate communication and the exchange of knowledge,” said Jorge Aramburo, general manager of Perficient Latin America. “This allows us to reinforce our cultural identity, and thus fulfill the promise of helping our customers and colleagues to be better.”

The office is a dynamic environment where colleagues frequently move their workspaces to reflect their current project assignments. This encourages stronger communication and collaboration among project teams. “We have defined which areas are convenient for certain projects based on their size and technical needs, like proximity to labs or video conference rooms,” said Edwin Posada, director of facilities and IT, Perficient Latin America.

Perficient Latin America Medellin Office

One functional design element featured throughout the new office is workspace walls doubling as whiteboards so teams can organize their thoughts and brainstorm ideas. The modern design is also accompanied by modern technology. All of the conference rooms include state-of-the-art Cisco WebEx technology to improve the video conference experience for multi-shore and remote teams.

“We want our colleagues to feel comfortable,” said Edwin. “We want it to feel like a second home.” To achieve this, lounge areas with cushioned armchairs and couches were incorporated throughout the floorplan, giving team members the ability to move around and work wherever they please.

Perficient Latin America Medellin Office Lounge Area

“In designing the office we listened to our people,” said Ana. “We asked them what they wanted.” Recreation areas like a video game lounge, billiards room, music room, theater, and designated napping areas were incorporated to make the office a comfortable space where the team could relax amid innovative collaboration. The common areas encourage colleagues to gather, build culture, and instill a sense of comradery among the team.

Reflecting on the Past to Build the Future

After years of innovation and expansion, Perficient Latin America is now one of the largest and most competitive global technology companies in Colombia, with an expansive portfolio of North American clients.

“I have been fortunate to witness the growth of this company,” said Ana. “When I joined the company over 20 years ago, it was just 35 people. As we have acquired more experience and reached higher levels of quality, we have become very popular in Colombia. We now have over 400 employees in Medellín, and have the capacity to add 80 more.”

Now, with roots firmly planted in Medellín and a flourishing culture, that sentiment stands to ring true for years to come.

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