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Oil and Gas Industry Post-Covid-19 | Attend The Live Panel April 22

oil and gas industry post-Covid 19 and data management

Covid-19 has certainly had an impact on the oil and gas industry. And as the industry continues to adapt to new challenges, digital transformation has become a requirement for survival.

With an ever-growing amount of data generated, surmising any meaningful insights without data management is a challenge. Proper data management can provide visibility into complex operational processes, performance improvement, equipment life cycle management, help meet environmental regulations, and more.

Gain a better understanding of how you can shape your organization’s data transformation and join us for a live panel discussion on April 22. The panel will feature oil and gas industry experts and executives as they discuss data management initiatives in 2021 and how leading organizations are managing vast amounts of data to gain better insights.

Thursday, April 22nd | 11:00am – 12:00pm CT

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Oil and Gas Panel Discussion

The expert panel will discuss key topics such as:

  • Data-Driven Decisions: How can O&G companies manage vast amounts of data to derive value?
  • Scalability: Benefits of cloud computing to empower cross-functional teams to work more collaboratively and reduce time-to-decisions through unlimited scalability.
  • Adaptability: How do you quickly pivot to improve performance and reduce costs by leveraging innovative technologies and approaches such as analytics, integrated information platform, accelerators, and well life-cycle-aligned processes and workflows?
  • Numbers: How do emerging technologies such as big data and analytics, cloud, and mobility, apply to the industry?

And more!

Meet the Panelists

Our panel is represented by industry executives and thought leaders and is moderated by an oil and gas research director from IDC, a global market intelligence firm.

  • Andrew Meyers (Panel Moderator) – Oil and Gas Research Director at IDC
  • Rob Cornell – Head of Technology Alliances Organization for Talend with leading companies including Microsoft, AWS, Snowflake, DataBricks, and Google
  • Alaster Love –  Oil and Gas practice leader at Perficient and has worked for over two decades in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas
  • Travis Osborne – Vice President of IT, Apache Corporation
  • Allen Alan – Director of Information Technology at Solugen, Inc., a start-up specialty chemicals company; former Director of Customer Business Solutions at Motiva Enterprises

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Digital Transformation and Data Management Initiatives in 2021 for The Oil & Gas Industry

A Virtual Panel Discussion

Thursday, April 22nd | 11:00am – 12:00pm CT

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