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Key Takeaways of the VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition

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In our previous blog VMware Tanzu: Highlights of the Basic Edition, we explored the benefits of the VMware Tanzu Basic edition and how it is optimal for enterprises at the beginning stages of their application modernization journeys because it allows you to run containerized-off-the-shelf (COTS) workflows on-premise as part of vSphere. In our Key Takeaways of the VMware Tanzu Standard Edition blog, we explored the benefits surrounding the VMware Tanzu Standard Edition and how it builds off of the functionality of the Basic Edition, allowing you to operate a Kubernetes-based container solution across multiple clouds. Today’s blog will focus on the capabilities of Tanzu Advanced.


VMware Tanzu Advanced simplifies and secures the container lifecycle and enables teams to rapidly deliver modern applications at scale, on-premises and in the cloud. Tanzu Advanced achieves this through:

  • Full support of Spring Runtime: Spring Runtime is a framework that makes best use of microservices, data pipelines, and distributed systems. Customs apps are automatically packaged with dependencies, containerized, and maintained. When you need base runtimes or preset components, developers can self-serve from a curated catalog of validate open source software.
  • Security: Source code provenance in your applications allows for tracking and auditing. Your curated catalog of base runtimes and preset components is always up to date, and application connectivity policies are intelligently enforced. All container images are stored in a private registry, encrypted and, continuously delivered to your Kubernetes clusters across clouds. Also, container networking and service mesh are enabled for consistent, secure connectivity between services.
  • Streamlined management of Kubernetes at scale: You can manage your Kubernetes estate from one, central control plane. Management, policy control, and visibility into service connectivity across clouds can be done from a centralized management platform.
  • Automatic custom code containerization: Custom code is automatically containerized, and ready-made images and runtimes are always available in a curated, private repository. As a result, you will realize shorter development cycles.

Tanzu Advanced offers the modular capabilities that enable you to build a developer-centric platform for modern apps that works for your organization. Whether your organization is starting out or already has many pieces of the container lifecycle in place, Tanzu Advanced capabilities can be added as needed to address your most pressing challenges today and support your overall modernization journey going forward.

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