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Data Security in a SaaS World

Data security is vital to the success of any business. Kyriba offers enhanced security with its extended security package. Your data is secured in transit, while being transmitted, and at rest, while it’s stored. Kyriba uses the latest state of the art security including IP filtering, encryption, connection authentication, and multi-factor authentication to secure your data.

Your IP address is like a GPS location, postal address, or phone number. Kyriba’s IP filtering secures access to your database by only allowing login from IP addresses provided by your IT team. This way any login from an unknown location is blocked.

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Encryption is key to data security. Encryption randomizes data in a way that it becomes unreadable unless a private encryption key is used to decrypt the data. Kyriba uses asymmetric encryption. Asymmetric encryption means that only Kyriba has the private key secured on the Kyriba server and the public key is used to encrypt the data so your data at rest is secure.

Connection authentication is the “handshake” when the connection is established to Kyriba. All connections to the Kyriba platform are secure with SSL and SSH authentication. Your data in transit is secured blocking intrusions while data is in transmission.

Multi-factor authentication sign-on is the new norm today. An example of multi-factor authentication would be something you know, a password, and something you own, your phone for example. You would enter your password into Kyriba to login then receive an SMS with a PIN to complete your login into Kyriba. IP filtering, somewhere you are, and password, something you know, is also an example of multi-factor authentication.

Here at Perficient we are very serious about your security. Our team are experts in implementing Kyriba’s security packages including single-sign on, mutli-factor authentication, IP filtering, SSH and SSL authentication, PGP and SMIME encryption, and digital signature keys.

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Abdel Saafan

Abdel Saafan is a lead business consultant in Kyriba Treasury Management Services. He has over 10 years of experience in team building, company collaboration, strategic implementation, and project management. Abdel establishes communication lines for his clients’ treasury management solutions with their ERP systems and banks, transforming their treasury and financial processes. Abdel is an army veteran from New York who currently resides in Texas, where he enjoys going on fishing trips, hiking, and planning for the next adventure with the wife and kids.

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