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Automating Repeatable Email Sends in Marketo

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Having the right marketing automation technology in place can make or break your business. At the same time, once you have the right technology in place, not all team members will be proficient users. For our Marketo Engage clients, we have created an intake form that allows non-Marketo users to have full access to creating customized marketing programs. Our most recent implementation of this was at a large semiconductor company with several different business units that were trying to create multiple Marketo marketing programs, like newsletters, webinars, event pages, and more, with inputs from a large group of stakeholders.

Intake Form Solution

The Marketo intake form we created allowed for users, outside of a Marketo license, to access the benefits of marketing automation while also speeding up the process internally. Previously, if team members wanted to create a marketing program email, they would go through a series of back-and-forth communications with the marketing operations team. This would cause a variety of delays, inconsistencies, errors, and frustration due to the multiple requests, inputs, and rounds of communication involved.

To solve this, we created an intake form that streamlined the process by establishing a clear set of inputs that needed to be filled out before the marketing operations team received a Marketo request. By clearly laying out the items needed to create a marketing email program, the Marketo users were then able to gather information needed to quickly deploy campaigns. There were still some operational challenges because team members could put placeholder information into the form rather than the exact information needed since the email was still being drafted and sent by the operations team. We knew that if we were able to automate the process even more and hold team members accountable by allowing them to directly plug the information into Marketo and creating an email, we would see even more accurate usage.

Improving Processes

While the intake form we created work for this company, it was still just importing information from the form into an excel document that the Marketo user team had to plug into the platform. We decided there needed to be an even more automated way to author and enable marketing automation access to non-Marketo users. So, we created MAX for Marketo.

MAX for Marketo is designed for repeatable Marketo programs, like monthly newsletters, email sends, or webinars and events. It reduces the amount of time it takes operations to create a program and launches significantly faster. Not only does it benefit the non-Marketo user who is plugging information in to create a program, but it also speeds up the time and eliminates the need for a Marketo user to create those repeatable campaigns. MAX allows users to plug information into a simplified form, produce and can even send, branded, templatized email campaigns. The information you plug into the app, imports into the system, ingests into the program, populates the asset, and creates a fully functional program.

Streamlined ROI

The most obvious benefit to MAX for Marketo is the time savings from streamlining internal processes. However, the benefits exceed even that. MAX allows you to ensure your marketing programs are properly configured and setup consistently across teams. In turn, this allows you to start tracking and reporting on the success of your programs. With established programs, you can start to gauge success and review the analytics of basic email reporting, like open rates, click rates, and more.

MAX for Marketo comes with three unique templates, customized to your organization’s brand and marketing initiatives, that enable a repeatable set of emails to achieve the best value for your business. The good news is approximately 80% of your programs probably fall into this category. Our team will also help enable internal stakeholders with training and resources to make sure that you can start creating beautiful marketing automation programs.

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Jarrod Hopfer

Jarrod Hopfer is a Senior Consultant within our Marketo group. Over the course of his career, he has worked with a wide range of B2B and B2C Clients, specializing in multi-channel strategies in the Saas, tech, healthcare, media, and consumer goods industries. As a Marketo Certified Expert, his passion lies within providing strategic and technical support across the Marketo platform and beyond.

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