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Key Takeaways of the VMware Tanzu Standard Edition


In our previous blog VMware Tanzu: Highlights of the Basic Edition, we discussed the benefits and considerations of implementing VMware Tanzu Basic in your organization. In today’s blog, we will discuss the Standard edition, which builds off of the functionality of the Basic edition, and how it can support your infrastructure and application modernization journey.

Tanzu Standard is for organizations that want to operate a Kubernetes-based container solution across multiple clouds with centralized observability and governance. Whereas Tanzu Basic is tied to vSphere, Tanzu Standard provides you the flexibility to extend a consistent, open source-aligned Kubernetes distribution across on-premises, public cloud(s), and edge.

With open-source aligned Kubernetes, you can run the same distribution across any cloud. Centralized governance allows the platform operator to manage your organization’s Kubernetes footprint across multiple environments with consistent governance over configuration, access, security, and data protection, while providing development teams the freedom to access and build on resources. Additionally, Tanzu Standard includes leading open source projects, Prometheus and Grafana, with out-of-the-box dashboards that emphasize platform monitoring and full VMware support.

With Tanzu Standard, you can avoid operating multiple Kubernetes distributions with varied configuration controls. You will observe consistent deployments and operations across on-premises, public cloud(s), and edge. Tanzu Standard can be deployed as an add-on for vSphere 6.7u3, vSphere 7, or on public clouds. It can also be licensed with VMware Cloud Foundation to deploy Kubernetes as part of a larger, integrated stack. Tanzu Standard’s global control plane is available as SaaS.

Our team of VMware Tanzu Application Service certified consultants, who have received advanced training at the VMware Tanzu Master Class, are equipped to enable Tanzu on your multi-cloud environment. Our quick-start offering involves:

  • Configuring TKG and TMC integration
  • Setting up TKG in a multi-cloud environment
  • Configuring TMC policies to manage K8 clusters
  • Configuring ingress for deploying contour
  • Ensuring load balances are working
  • Backing up cluster in application using Velero
  • Deploying a containerized application using HelloWorld
  • Migrating an existing containerized app from another platform

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