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Byte 11 – Do you have Architecture for the product development?

Information Architecture

Do you define the architecture before you begin the product development and iterate them over while developing the product ?. If the answer is yes, you are on the right track to building the product right. The art of building architecture does not just refer to how the system connects. It’s also about ‘Why’ we are defining the architecture with logical/pragmatic reasons. Good architecture comes when the organization has a clear vision and aligns with the current industry/market trends. 


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Architecture should answer the business questions or the needs so that it can deliver value. It’s important to understand the organization’s business vision and strategy before defining the architecture. Architecture should have the artifacts to answer all audiences (not just the development/operations team) 

  • Reference architecture (business, capability, and solution)
  • Pragmatic architecture for the near term and long term business needs 
  • Strategy addressing the business needs, architecture characteristics, and preferences. 
  • Solutions for critical capabilities. 
  • System and use case views 
  • System component views 
  • Platform architecture 
  • Process and data flows 
  • Most importantly – Architecture decision records 

Architecture is not about boxes and lines. It’s an ‘Art,’ and you need to be an ‘Artist’ to build enterprise assets to stay ahead in the current market competition. 


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