Rev up Your Digital Game in the Automotive Industry for a Post-COVID-19 World

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Covid-19 transformed customer expectations and forced businesses to pivot and renovate their digital landscapes. The goal: offer customers a smooth digital experience.

According to Forbes and Twilio:

  • Covid-19 sped up digital transformations by six years
  • 97% of executives say the pandemic sped up their digital transformation
  • 95% of executives say they’re looking for new ways to engage customers
  • 79% of executives say Covid-19 increased budgets for digital transformation

How are you keeping up with your customers’ expectations and staying ahead of your competitors?

We’ve helped many of the world’s most innovative and customer-focused brands, including automakers and suppliers, transform how they serve, engage, and support their customers.

Click here to watch our on-demand webinar and learn what many recognizable brands are doing and how automakers and suppliers can leverage similar tactics to focus on the customer and win in the market.

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