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Healthcare Success Story with Boomi & Moderna

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For the past year, major health care providers and research centers have been focused on one goal – minimizing the negative effects of the pandemic. One of these providers, Moderna, has been a front runner in the research, development, and dissemination of a successful COVID-19 vaccine. Due to their increased efforts and high demands, they have quickly added additional employees to their repertoire (almost 250 new employees in just the past 12 months). Handling this growth alone is an enormous challenge, but to do so in tandem with industry pressures, they needed help.

Boomi, a Perficient partner, has been able to help companies like Moderna with these new challenges. Through their cloud services, integration, migration, and automation capabilities, Boomi has seen exceptional success and assists organizations in business continuity and connectedness.

Perficient partners with Boomi for Health Care, Financial services, and Retail engagements. This deployment was solely executed by Boomi and is just one great example of its capabilities.

Acceleration & Scale

Cloud processes give Moderna a variety of advantages (accelerated learning, automation, scalability, etc.). Still, to harness the full capabilities of cloud, they needed complete integration of on-demand applications and data from multiple SaaS vendors.

Additionally, Moderna wanted to ensure that users had the correct access and authorization across several applications, which could not be solved exclusively with integration.

By employing its native-cloud integration platform, Boomi helped Moderna scale efficiently by enabling system integration and automation across budgeting, vendor payments, and HR management. More than a dozen integrations were implemented across the Moderna IT infrastructure, making it possible for a single discrete system to flow across several SaaS vendors while ensuring data accuracy.

Not only did this integration lead to cost savings across several departments and Moderna as a whole, but it also allowed for:

  1. Complex, cross-platform automation
  2. Streamlined migration
  3. Accelerated onboarding
  4. Consistency and accuracy with permission management
  5. Reduced IT efforts


In 2017 Moderna introduced ServiceNow, a software aimed at ensuring the company was meeting compliance for incident and change management. There was so much success that IT leaders opted to utilize the program for additional functions, such as onboarding new employees and service providers.

With this came the challenge of integration and migration of multiple systems.

By utilizing their Master Data Hub implementation by Boomi, Moderna can run 25 processes across 15 points of integration for onboarding and provisioning. This is in addition to the 250 Boomi processes that are already in place across the Modern organization.

These processes, and the Hub as a whole, ensure that data is correctly and consistently transferred across ServiceNow and Workday while making it easy to identify discrepancies for exception management.

With these integrations, Moderna has doubled its speed of development compared to alternative vendors allowing the company to onboard 600+ service providers a year.

The integration of Boomi’s Master Data Hub has been integral during the pandemic for Moderna. With Boomi and ServiceNow, Moderna has been able to:

  1. Eliminate hundreds of hours in manual onboarding tasks
  2. Boost employee satisfaction and retention
  3. Curtailed risks by ensuring accurate reporting of data

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Perficient is dedicated to connecting providers and partners. In partnership with Boomi, we can support companies through these difficult times to ensure they are not only equipped for future success but have the necessary adaptability within their infrastructure to maintain consistency and accuracy.

We understand the value that data consolidation, migration, and automation means for your organization. Learn more about Boomi’s offering and what it could mean for your company!


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