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Why migrate from Informatica PowerCenter to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

Migrating to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated multicloud adoption and research predicts that workloads primarily executed in cloud-based external environments will increase from 36% in 2020 to 63% in 2022.

Taking a cloud or multicloud approach has many benefits like reducing vendor lock-in, greater agility, scalability, network performance improvement, improved risk management, and more. But a multicloud environment can create silos and expose a need to manage all that data.

With Informatica’s Intelligent Cloud Services you can provide your users with the continuity needed to drive productivity and value in both cloud and hybrid infrastructures. This comprehensive, microservices-based, API-driven, and AI-powered enterprise iPaaS enables a better self-service experience, accelerates productivity, and improves speed and scale.

Reasons to Migrate from PowerCenter to Intelligent Cloud Services

As an Informatica partner, we’ve helped organizations migrate from Informatica PowerCenter (PwC) to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS). And based on our experience with many clients in a variety of industries, we’ve identified a few key reasons organizations move to IICS.

  • Informatica PwC roadmap and support for advanced cloud applications such as D365, SFDC or SAP is not optimal
  • Cloud data integration and data migration into Google Cloud Platform, AWS or Azure is limited with PwC
  • More advanced, critical needs, like real-time data, are not possible with PwC batch support
  • PwC lacks API management, web services support, data quality, and unstructured and semi-structured data support
  • Operating expenses are high for maintenance

Critical Considerations for Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

There are also some critical questions you need to consider before planning an upgrade or investment in IICS. It’s important to look at your big picture and perform a quick mapping exercise. Try to map the critical milestones in your organization’s roadmap to integration platform needs and support.  For example:

  • Cloud adoption
  • Data migrations or improving digital footprint
  • API management
  • Building self-servicing analytics platform with AI/ML

Or operational requirements like:

  • Data quality
  • Master data
  • Data privacy
  • Data governance and support for regulatory or compliance needs

The Partner for Your Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Migration

Migrating to IICS provides a full circle of support and components, but they’ll need to be sized very precisely for your organization. Working with an Informatica partner can help you solution the migration in a way that makes production downtime minimal or zero, and optimizes various modules and servicing both from solutioning and OpEx management. A trusted partner will help strategize and execute. That’s why we’ve developed an IICS framework and methodology.

Our IICS Framework and Methodology

Assessment Framework: We have developed XML based framework that reads data from “PwC Repo tables” to create a more accurate project assessment and ROM.

Accelerator: We’ve developed an open source-based migration tool that helps to accelerate mapping and workflow migration to IICS by 60%.

Team Structure: Our onsite, nearshore and offshore teams can help correct the unit and cut budgeting costs associated with execution.

Smart Design Framework: We’ve developed a smart design for Secure Agent and Org and set it up by anticipating your organization’s need and help in the right sizing and optimal IICS and licensing usage.

More About the Informatica + Perficient Partnership

Learn more about our Informatica practice by visiting our partner page on Our more than 40 Informatica-dedicated consultants boast more than 20 partner certifications and can help you not only drive strategic initiatives around data management, but also ensure appropriate and successful implementation of the software using a broad array of solutions and services for the enterprise.

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