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Accelerate Your Path to Success with Perficient Managed Services for Oracle Analytics

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Managing an analytics ecosystem for an organization is a mission critical responsibility. Whether it’s the accuracy of the reporting data, the latency of data refreshes, security enforcement, dashboard performance, turnaround of enhancement requests, scalability, or adherence to regulatory and organizational policies, there are various aspects that come into play when it comes to successful adoption of analytics applications. While a Cloud approach tremendously reduces the maintenance overhead, there are still several areas that a managed service provider can help you with. I will highlight in this blog why you may want to outsource to a managed service provider, no matter whether you are hosting your analytics data and middleware platforms in-house or on Oracle Cloud:

  • Free up your time to innovate: Offload the effort needed to maintain the infrastructure and software and spend more time innovating and enabling the business. As your team’s priorities focus on what needs to happen to address business needs, you are less hindered with planning and performing routine system maintenance activities. Accordingly, your priorities shift and you’re able to follow a faster track to realizing business value.
  • Operate with a leaner team whose primary focus is the business. The analytics space involves several different technologies that integrate to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience to the end user. This means you will have to be well-equipped with the right skillsets to address the various use cases and components of your analytics systems, including infrastructure, networking, security, storage, database and application layers. In addition, nowadays systems involve not just on-premises servers, or a single Cloud, but most likely require seamless integration across Clouds and hybrid Cloud and on-prem deployments. An in-house well-versed team in all these technologies will increase your operating cost as opposed to outsourcing them to a managed services provider. Outsourcing these activities to the Perficient support team ensures engaging the right skillset at the right time.
  • A managed service provider can help you modernize your analytics capabilities with Oracle Cloud: One of the challenges that IT operational teams often have to deal with is the lack of in-house skillset when it comes to Cloud-based technologies. Here is where you can outsource that gap to a managed service provider that can take care of getting you on Oracle Cloud and gradually transition your existing teams to OCI technologies such as Oracle Analytics Cloud and Autonomous Data Warehouse. Getting the help you need to get started on Oracle Cloud services will position you to always stay up to date with the latest innovations and advances in the analytics space, with minimal effort on your part.
  • Positioned for growth: As your business grows, your data, analytics needs and user-base grows as well, therefore resulting in an increase in support needs. A managed service provider can help you augment your team with the needed skillsets throughout your journey to a more robust and scalable analytics system.
  • IT Budget: Whether your preference is a fixed monthly support budget or a varying expense based on actual billable hour consumption, the Perficient managed services team can offer the right support agreement that best suit your expectations in terms of delivery, service level and expenditure.
  • Consolidated Services Provider: The Perficient managed services team has experienced resources not just in the Oracle Analytics stack but with other Oracle and non-Oracle technologies that may be essential for your end-to-end support needs. For instance, if you’re doing analytics for Oracle ERP, HCM or CX, our team is very well versed in these functional areas and therefore are able to not only handle the backend infrastructure components but also the business-facing and functional aspects of your analytics solutions. Similarly, our team has direct relation with other support teams within Perficient with expertise in other technology platforms including Microsoft, AWS, IBM, Salesforce, and many others. Therefore, a one-stop-shop to all your support needs will provide a hassle-free experience in getting things done efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why Choose Perficient to Manage Your Oracle Analytics

Perficient is an Oracle Platinum Partner and our Oracle Analytics team is specialized in Oracle Cloud deployments and OCI systems management. We can help you focus on what you need to do while hosting your solutions on Oracle Cloud. In addition to Oracle Analytics the Perficient managed services team covers areas beyond analytics such as EPM, ERP, HCM, SCM and CX applications therefore offering you services that cover both technical and functional areas. Our service agreements vary from flexible volume support hours type of agreement to a ticket-based type of agreement. We are confident that our service agreements can be tailored to the level of support that best suits your needs.

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Mazen Manasseh, Director of Business Analytics

Mazen is a Director of Business Analytics at Perficient and an accomplished professional services leader with 20 years of being a customer advocate. An analytics solutions delivery expert in functional domains covering Supply Chain, Financials, HCM, Projects and Customer Experience. Being a thought leader in the business analytics space, he conducted numerous business training sessions and spoke at technology conferences around analytics and machine learning.

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