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[Podcast] Customer Intelligence to Inform and Enhance eCommerce

Perficient Intelligent Data Podcast

Once you access your data, how do you leverage that data to drive business forward? This episode will outline how to monetize your data and gain the necessary competitive edge.

In season 1 episode 7 of the Intelligent Data Podcast, host Arvind Murali and his guest Pawan Gupta, Perficient’s Principal of Commerce and Omnichannel Services, discuss the impact data has on ecommerce, supply chain, and order management as well as key considerations such as data privacy and compliance.

Listening Guide

  • The difference between global commerce implementation and domestic deployments [2:09]
  • Geo-political issues and product distribution [4:23]
  • data sets used in implementations [5:47]
  • Process Mining [9:35]
  • Visibility into end-to-end supply chain [13:51]
  • Monetizing your data [16:22]
  • How to enable insights and data analytics across the supply chain [18:14]
  • Using AI to automate the supply chain process [21:04]
  • Pricing strategy [25:25]
  • Startups and commerce [26:01]
  • Enabling digital marketing [28:10]
  • Customers and data privacy [33:20] 

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 Connect with the Host and Guest

Perficient Intelligent Data Podcast


Arvind Murali, Perficient Principal and Chief Strategist

LinkedIn | Perficient

Pawan Gupta


Pawan Gupta Perficient Principal


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