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Byte-8: Agile transformation – Building Products

Agile Ahead

Are you in the agile transformation phase from executing projects to building products ?. Yes. Its a cultural shift which involves people, process and technology. It’s a journey, start with small and do a roadshow on how it works or how to make it work ?. 

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 In my view, Product Enablement within the organization requires 

  1. People’s mindset changes 
  2. Clear definition and understanding of the process. 
  3. Accepting the change and commitment to follow. 
  4. Identify change champions and establish change management. 
  5. Define product taxonomy and roadmap 
  6. Define OKR’s – Objectives, Key results. 
  7. More importantly, train people on the process and technology. 
  8. Supporting tools and technologies to enable product development.

Every organization is different, and the answer to transformation is “It depends.” Identify your targets and start marching towards them. 


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Experienced IT professional in digital and consulting services, technology to help clients deliver values for their customers, defined and developed integration products (API, Event streams, and bulk load assets), Data (Data ingestion to analytics pipeline, MDM). A thought leader in defining a strategy with a pragmatic approach for the organization transformation. He has delivered high-quality products in various technologies and industry domains with a reputation in execution and mentorship. Passionate engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer science and a Master's degree in Software Engineering !.

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