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Vertex O Series Training Resources

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Do you use Vertex O Series and are looking for more information and guidance than what is included in the Vertex O Series help or documentation?  You may be in luck!  In addition to formal training classes, Vertex has training videos available on its support portal and its training portal.

There is a caveat. To be able to take advantage of the training, you need access to the Vertex support portal.  If your company is licensed for Vertex O Series, access can be granted to the myVertex support portal by Vertex or the Vertex admin for your company.

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Once you log into the myVertex support portal, search for “List of O Series video tutorials”.  The available videos are listed on the List of O Series video tutorials page.

These videos are mostly for prior versions of O Series, but they are still applicable in most cases.

As it says on the List of O Series video tutorials page, you can find additional videos and O Series 9.0 content, on the Vertex myLearning channel.   If you are a registered myVertex user, you can sign up for that channel at:  Once you have been given access, additional training videos are available on the site.

If the videos do not provide you with enough information and you need additional specific assistance or expertise on Vertex O Series, please contact us at Perficient.  We can assist you with your Vertex integration and configuration, and help you to meet your Indirect tax calculation requirements.


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