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VMware Tanzu: Highlights of the Basic Edition

Abstract Neurons System

Built on VMware Tanzu Application Service, VMware Tanzu allows organizations to build modernized applications with speed, simplicity, high availability, and control. VMware offers three VMware Tanzu editions to support your organization at any point in your application modernization journey. In this blog, we will focus on the capabilities of Tanzu Basic, but future blogs will explore the Tanzu Standard and Tanzu Advanced editions.

Tanzu Basic is a cost-effective way to begin your infrastructure modernization journey. It allows enterprises to run containerized-off-the-shelf (COTS) workflows on-premise as part of vSphere. Tanzu Basic can be licensed as a bundle with vSphere 7 Ent+ or as an add-on to be deployed on vSphere 6.7u3.

With Kubernetes embedded in the vSphere control plane and integrated into operations via vCenter UI, developers can leverage existing infrastructure and familiar tools while capturing the benefits of the leading container orchestration platform. Kubernetes-based container management allows vSphere users to run VMs and containers side by side while also providing developers self-service access to resources and environment via Kubernetes APIs.

How to get started with Tanzu Basic

Our team of VMware Tanzu Application Service certified consultants, who have received advanced training at the VMware Tanzu Master Class, are equipped to enable Tanzu on your vSphere production deployments. Our quick-start offering involves:

  • Installing VMWare Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) Management and Workload clusters on vSphere using best practices
  • Training operators and developers on how to leverage vSphere UI to create storage, networking, and RBAC policies
  • Working closely with the Application Team to containerize existing applications
  • Loading the container images either into Harbor or an image registry of your choosing
  • Creating Kubernetes manifests (.yaml files) to deploy the applications on the TKG workload cluster

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