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Success Criteria for an Effective Sales Enablement Program

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Previously, I discussed the role of sales enablement in investment management. This blog analyzes how technology and the right team can improve your sales enablement program.

For a sales enablement program to be successful at its launch and continue to be effective over time, it has to have the right mix of technology tools, and cross-functional teams.

Let’s look at a few of the key criteria for a successful sales enablement program.

Sales Enablement Technology

The sales enablement technology platform portfolio consists of a growing number of tools, and these tools all have the same objective: to make life easier for anyone who works in, or with, the sales function. A sales enablement tool is any piece of technology that supports a more effective or efficient sales process, with the end-goal of helping sales teams achieve their corporate objectives.

The spectrum of tools is broad. Some are large scale and require a great deal of internal administration (e.g., CRM), while others might focus on one or two specific sales challenges (e.g., prospecting, training, sales pipeline, sales compensation). Overall, many of these technology tools are mobile-friendly and fit into broad categories such as sales content management (mostly marketing-generated content), sales training, sales engagement, sales intelligence, sales account and opportunity planning, customer relationship management, and sales management (often called sales force automation).

The benefits of these tools are threefold: more time spent selling, increased productivity, and more effective sales interactions.

Having the Right Team

In addition to the right technology tools, you need to develop a team to work across traditional organizational boundaries and reporting levels within your company — and sometimes that can be a big challenge. You need an effective cross-functional team with representation from sales, marketing, analytics, financial operations, and technology, all working in stride with the company’s technology teams.

To learn more about the role of sales enablement in investment management and the success criteria for an effective sales enablement program, download our newest guide.

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Nimish Puri

Nimish Puri is a senior project manager in the financial services practice with experience in leading teams to plan, analyze, implement, and manage strategic cross-discipline initiatives for technology enablement, process improvement, and business transformation. With domain expertise in investment management, wealth management, and data management, he works with clients to conduct strategic analysis and manage programs and projects.

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