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How Can Automakers and Suppliers Win Over Customers With Digital?

Digital Experiences

Customer expectations have evolved drastically due to the impact that digital technology has placed on the customer experience. There is also no question that Covid-19 has changed the digital game by increasing digital transformations and creating a demand for a smooth digital experience.

When McDonald’s began to see a decrease in sales, they stepped back and listened to the customer. The demands were simple: improve order accuracy and provide a better dining experience. McDonald’s took these recommendations and rolled out innovative digital self-order kiosks, updated dining experiences with an app to order, and then announced they would implement a trial phase for a loyalty program in Arizona in later years.

Adidas went all in with their digital experience because they noticed online sales were increasing. The shoe conglomerate invested heavily into data insights and user engagement analytics and created tailored-to-fit messaging for customers. Taking the customer experience a step further, Adidas listened to feedback and began producing shoes from ocean waste and sold over one million pairs in just one year.

These are just two examples of major companies transforming their digital experiences. We’ve helped many of the world’s most innovative and customer-focused brands, including automotive companies, transform how they serve, engage, and support their customers.

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