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Complementing SAP with True Order Management Capabilities

Seamless order to fulfillment is the crux of any good experience. A brand’s reputation and longevity, as well customer loyalty and adoption, often hinges on the success of how order management (OM) is rooted in an organization. The interaction with users at their point of need is the tipping point and often dictates success or failure.

In enterprise organizations, SAP is often a back-office cornerstone leveraged for ERP and financials, but the gaps in OM display an opportunity to exceed customer expectations and allow for order orchestration – the visibility into inventory and fulfillment processes.

What We’ve Noticed in Our Experience

Over half of our OM clients leverage SAP for their ERP and financials as their back-end, but augment OM capabilities with another technology to stay ahead of the competition and handle the complex business models that come with an omnichannel environment.

The snapshot below showcases how SAP and an OM tool complement one another, both bringing capabilities that result in better and more consistent customer experiences and increased revenue thanks to improved inventory visibility, allocation, and shipment tracking with proactive responses to issues.

SAP vs OMS Only

How We Can Help

Our team of experts can help guide and develop your order management strategy and technology needs specifically around OM, CPQ, call center operations, in-store clientele, cloud solutions, and inventory visibility. Our practice is one-of-a-kind, and we will always ensure revenue growth, elevated user experiences, improved product margins, and a strengthened customer base. For more information on our practice, contact our experts today.

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