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Signs a Managed Service Provider Could Be the Right Fit For You

You have been thinking about moving to the cloud. You might have a workload or application that would be better hosted there, or you might have a new solution you’re looking at that is cloud based. You’re not sure if you want to manage your cloud environment in house, or outsource it to a managed service provider, though.

In this blog, we will highlight some of the reasons you might want to outsource to a managed service provider – and perhaps give you some signs that your thoughts are valid and that it is the way to opt for you.

You’re Worried You Might Not Be Able to Focus on the Business

IT operations and support are important. IT’s focus has long since moved on from just keeping the lights on, though. IT today should be focused on the business itself and is often a source to drive revenue and new business. If you think you might not have the time to focus on proactive activities, managed services might be best for you.

You Don’t Have the Capacity For Support

You might think you can still focus on the business but then you won’t have the capacity to provide support. Like above, you may need outsource help to create the balance you need.

You Lack Cloud Infrastructure Experience

If you haven’t hosted solutions in the cloud before, it can be a steep learning curve. Processes are different, the day-to-day work is different, and the change can be quite startling.

The Business is Growing and IT Needs to Grow Rapidly

If your business is growing and this new solution is to help scale that, the work involved in managing your infrastructure is also going to scale. If you are doubting whether your IT team can handle that (which is for good reason), then you may want to opt for a managed service provider to supplement your internal IT team.

Your IT Budget is Unpredictable

If you don’t know what your IT budget will be, having the fixed monthly cost of a managed service provider can be a huge help. On top of that, with cloud, you only pay for the resources you need, which often means you will be paying less and making more efficient use of your budget.

You Are Outsourcing Many Services and Want to Simplify

A managed service provider can become your single source for outsourcing. If you find a partner that provides all of the services you need, you can save money and simplify your day-to-day operations.

How We Can Help You

As a certified Azure Direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we can help you focus on what you need to while hosting your solution on Azure. We deliver turnkey ISV solutions, custom applications, and fully managed cloud environments with 24/7 support and active monitoring on Azure infrastructure. Our MSP support comes in three tiers, meaning we can provide whatever level of support you require. To learn more about Microsoft capabilities, follow this link to the Microsoft section of our website.

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James is a Senior Marketing Coordinator at Perficient, responsible for cloud transformation marketing. He has been at Perficient since January 2019. James is originally from Australia but now calls St. Louis home.

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