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How Nearshore Software Development is Helping Healthcare Companies Innovate

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The pandemic has presented a variety of industries with new challenges in the digital realm, but the healthcare industry is experiencing the most urgent need for rapid digital reinvention. While the healthcare industry has long embraced technology, the demand to innovate and adapt quickly has grown exponentially in 2020 and into 2021.

Technology solutions to apply alternative care methods, process sensitive data, and improve the overall  consumer experience have been ingrained in the healthcare industry long before the arrival of COVID-19. Solutions like telemedicine, secure patient data management platforms, and prediction software  incorporating big data and IoT are becoming increasingly integral to the success of healthcare companies, and the pandemic is accelerating their development. This has created an even greater demand for healthcare companies to incorporate more innovative technologies and build custom products to stay competitive within the market. Now, more than ever, it is imperative for healthcare companies to find reliable global technology partners who can implement these solutions quickly without sacrificing quality.

Nearshore software development presents a cost-effective solution to this accelerated need for innovation in healthcare. North American healthcare companies can benefit from working with a global digital consultancy and incorporating nearshore software development.

Cultural Alignment and Collaborative Communication

The cost reduction benefits of global software development are widely known, however, there is a common misconception that any cost reductions from outsourcing are met with sacrificed work quality due to cultural misunderstandings and frequent miscommunications with offshore teams. It is true that productivity and overall quality of deliverables can be negatively affected when outsourced teams do not feel empowered to communicate risks, raise concerns, or propose alternative solutions. This makes it crucial to select a nearshore development team with cultural compatibility to your organization.

Latin American culture is strongly aligned to the United States, creating an environment that encourages collaborative communication between both parties. Lower instances of cultural misunderstandings, combined with strong English language skills, yield faster development times, improved risk management, and increased quality of deliverables, which are essential for healthcare companies in a competitive marketplace.

The high-caliber bilingual teams at Perficient Latin America are proactive, not just meeting the bare minimum requirements, but engaging throughout the process and working to take our clients to the next level. Our teams become an extension of our clients’ teams, creating valuable long-term partnerships.

Time Zone Compatibility Bolstered By Agile Methodologies

One of the most well-known advantages of nearshore software development outsourcing is time zone compatibility, but this goes beyond the ability to communicate with an outsourced team during normal business hours. Healthcare companies need to develop and test their IT-backed solutions faster than ever, and agile software development is the most efficient way to accomplish this.

Companies that work closely with their outsourced teams in an agile environment will achieve the best results. Ideally, internal business experts become a functional conduit for the nearshore team and are readily accessible to the engineers so they can check on their hypotheses, validate new ideas, and address any concerns. Time zone compatibility allows for these discussions to occur in real time, further empowering the agile capabilities of the development team.

Agile has been a part of the Perficient Latin America operational DNA from the beginning. Our global teams are able to operate smoothly and communicate more efficiently because of this unique agile approach that virtually eliminates risks associated with more traditional multi-shore development and delivery models.

Security, Data Privacy, and Intellectual Property Protection

Healthcare companies manage large amounts of sensitive information from their consumers, making security and data privacy a top priority when implementing IT solutions. Nearshore partners provide multidisciplinary software development teams consisting of software developers, DevOps engineers, cybersecurity experts, design specialists, and quality assurance engineers. These teams work together with the business experts to ensure that data protection takes part in every step of the implementation process. By implementing top of the line techniques such as Static Analysis Security Testing, Dynamic Analysis Security Testing, Interactive Analysis Security Testing, and penetration tests our nearshore multidisciplinary teams ensure that sensitive data remains secure.

For healthcare companies investing in innovative IT solution development, intellectual property protection is critical. This is often seen as one of the biggest risks of outsourcing software development projects. Most Latin American countries (Colombia in particular) have strong intellectual property laws that are similar to the United States, ensuring the highest security and IP protection standards.

Healthcare Industry Experience

Our Perficient Latin America teams have more than a decade of experience in the healthcare industry across a variety of projects. We have helped some of the largest healthcare companies in the U.S. and Colombia implement custom developed software solutions, improve their processes, and bring new offerings into the market.

In a recent project, we were able to help a leading, U.S.-based biopharma and MedTech company build a cutting-edge, globally regulated digital health platform. By applying practices like software development, DevOps engineering, quality assurance, performance engineering, and data engineering to healthcare projects, we have generated value for our clients and strengthened our position as a leading provider of healthcare software solutions.

To learn more about our nearshore capabilities, click here.

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