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Harness the Power of Connecting Marketo Engage and Magento Commerce

Team Joining Concept

Often, customers may come to your site, browse around, and add items to their cart. Rather than purchasing, they may leave the site before completing their purchase. How do you connect back with those prospective customers to bring them through their buying journey to purchase? You need a sophisticated system that can take that buyer’s abandoned cart information and move it through a nurture program of marketing activities that are personalized to them.

To create a nurturing campaign, your marketing automation plan cannot simply be sending emails. Buyers need personalized messages to encourage them to buy from your brand and remain loyal to your site. To elevate your internal systems to provide this experience, you need to connect your commerce and marketing automation platforms. We have created a Marketo-Magento Connector to do just that.

Marketo and Magento

The Adobe suite of products includes a marketing automation platform, Marketo Engage, and a commerce platform, Magento Commerce. Each has unique features and together they create the ability for you to bring customers through the buying journey seamlessly.

Marketo allows your organization to easily segment audiences and serve unique content to each of those audiences. With these types of features, Marketo goes above and beyond a marketing automation platform to more than sending targeted emails, but really allows you to deliver personalized messages to customers and nurture them. Like Marketo, Magento is feature-rich and flexible with the capability to extend and scale for other features.

Another great feature of Magento is the large developer community. Kaushal Shah, Director of Perficient’s Magento practice explains, “Magento’s large developer community is able to quickly create modules when new features are released so we are able to take advantage of them in the market place right away.”

Value of Connection

When your organization has both Marketo and Magento, you are benefiting from them individually, but connecting the two harnesses and heightens the full range of their features. Our Marketo-Magento Connector can transfer your customer data from Magento to Marketo to trigger marketing activities. This allows for a new level of personalization. While Magento can connect with other email service providers, by connecting it to your Marketo platform you can start tracking the buying journey and create nurture campaigns that are more customizable.

If your organization currently has Magento and not Marketo, we do have the ability to quickly get your Marketo platform up and running to connect to your Magento platform. Check out our Marketo Email Send Quickstart for more information on how we can get you started on enhancing your marketing automation.

Next Steps

Our team is prepared to help you connect Marketo and Magento – two systems that do not currently talk to each other. To get you moving on this path, we have a four-week process:

  • Week 1: Our team will start with a discovery and strategy session to figure out what you need to accomplish with this connector.
  • Week 2: Then, we will start developing the connector, as well as your email structure and template for Marketo.
  • Week 3: We will finalize the configuration and connector.
  • Week 4: Our experienced team will test your connector and marketing automation activities to make sure they are delivering the right results.

As an Adobe Platinum Partner, we have a team of experienced Magento Commerce and Marketo Engage specialized team members. Our team can not only expertly connect your platforms, but also talk you through the lifecycle of the customer or prospect. We can help walk you through every step of creation, from content to creative, and paint the journey so you can act on your findings.

Reach out to our team if you want to learn more about our connector!

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Wendy Renner

Wendy Renner is an Adobe Marketo Practice Director for Perficient. Her passion is to strategically align the client’s goals with consulting solutions that deliver results and create customer success.

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