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Estimate Tax on your Oracle EBS Depot Repair Form

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Do you use Oracle’s Depot Repair module and a third-party tax engine? Your customers need to know the total amount of the service order, including any tax, before approving the service order?

With standard Oracle EBS tax functionality, there is no tax calculation in the Depot Repair form.  You do not know the tax results until the service order interfaces with Order Management (OM) or Accounts Receivable. If the client needs to see the total amount of the service order, including the sales tax, before providing their approval and/or purchase order, it’s a catch-22.  You have to approve the service order to calculate and see the tax amount in Order Management, but you cannot process the order in OM without approval.  So, the OM order must be managed so that work is not done on an “unapproved” order.

Maintaining the yet-to-be-approved order in OM was not an acceptable option for our client.  To resolve this issue, the tax integration team at Perficient delivered a solution to make a tax call to the tax partner and store the result on the Depot Repair form where it could be viewed or printed as needed.  This allowed the approval for the total amount of the service order, including tax, to take place in the Depot Repair module. 

If you need a tax solution for Oracle Depot Repair or another EBS form that doesn’t have a tax calculation, give us a call we will be happy to work with you to customize this solution or create a solution to fit your needs.



Thoughts on “Estimate Tax on your Oracle EBS Depot Repair Form”

  1. Hi,
    I am a product manager at Oracle working on Fusion Depot Repair. We are adding Taxes to the Estimates and Charges UIs. We aren’t sure what address to use. Bill-to Address or the Address of the Depot? What did you use in this extension?

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Hollis is a Business Consultant with 20 years of experience with Oracle Applications spanning from release 11 to the current R12 integrated E-Business Suite. Hollis has 7 years’ experience specialized in implementations and upgrades for projects which integrate Oracle E-Business suite with Vertex’s O Series Sales and Use Tax system. This includes projects for the U.S., Canada, and EMEA. Hollis has also implemented Oracle EBTax for the US, Canada, and Europe.

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