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Introducing our Partnership with Looker

Introducing Perficient's new partnership with Looker

Perficient is happy to announce that it has joined the Looker Partner Ecosystem. By becoming a Looker partner, our business intelligence practice will be strengthened, giving us more tools to help our customers unlock the real power of their data.

Our alignment will help enable customers to transcend traditional business intelligence by seamlessly integrating data experiences into the way people already work – helping them explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics easily.

The Looker Platform

Looker is the business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that is now part of the Google Cloud data and analytics suite. Transcending traditional BI, Looker powers data experiences that deliver actionable business insights at the point of decision and infuses data into products and workflows to allow organizations to extract value from data at a web-scale.

“As a member of the Looker Partner Ecosystem, Perficient plays a critical role in the program’s mission to empower individuals and companies by offering data analytics and business insights to every department at every scale,” said Geneva Lake, Looker Head of Consulting Partners at Google Cloud.

Perficient + Looker

Looker’s cloud-based BI platform allows users to analyze data from multiple sources and enables companies to build their own data applications. Perficient’s complementary partnerships with public clouds and other complementary technologies give our customers the freedom of choice in their technology stacks and hosting in multiple cloud environments.

Looker provides an additional channel for us to offer its already robust business intelligence expertise. This partnership augments our analytics capabilities and caters to clients leveraging our strong Google Cloud synergies already in place.

We’ll combine our expertise in data modeling, data storytelling, and agile delivery with this new partnership to deliver quality analytics with more options and a more robust lineup of BI tools. Our customers will be able to worry less about the technology and focus more on the solutions.

Looker’s platform helps organizations reveal the true power of data and brings clarity to every situation through

  • Modern BI and analytics
  • Integrated insights
  • Data-driven workflows
  • Custom applications

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Courtney Gardner is a Marketing Coordinator at Perficient.

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