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[Podcast] Healthcare Data is Changing Consumer Care

Intelligent Data Episode 3: Data Trends in AI

Healthcare leaders have access to more healthcare data and technology than ever before allowing them to transform patient and member care. A one-size-fits-all-approach doesn’t work anymore and we’re being challenged to do more through personalized medicine.

In season 1 episode 2 of the Intelligent Data Podcast, host Arvind Murali and his guest Juliet Silver, Perficient’s Chief Strategist of Healthcare, discuss the state of affairs in the healthcare industry including the “Triple Aim”, the COVID-19 pandemic, IoT in healthcare, and more.

We’re also looking at the patient or the member as a consumer as well. And we’re seeing a big shift from payors and providers, because they’re looking at the consumer in the same way as other industries do. So we’re starting to paint that picture with data around the lifetime value of that consumer and we’re leveraging data both internal and external to market to them, to reach out and engage with them, and to be able to capture interactions and preference data. – Juliet Silver, Healthcare Chief Strategist

Listening Guide

Healthcare Data is Changing Consumer Care

  • Data, analytics and healthcare consumerism [3:10]
  • “Patient” to “Health Consumer” [7:58]
  • Triple aim and leveraging third party data (Peloton, Fitbit, etc.) [9:10]
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the healthcare industry [10:58]
  • Physician burnout data [13:10]
  • Telehealth and volume-based versus value-based care [15:39]
  • AI’s impact on healthcare [17:15]
  • How do you govern IoT healthcare data [21:30]
  • New interoperability mandates for FHIR standards [25:06]
  • Data accessibility, transparency and portability creating consumer choice [26:55]
  • Data ethics, data privacy and data security [29:33]
  • Healthcare Data-driven solution case studies [31:43]
  • Advice to executives as they prepare for a post-COVID world [33:58]

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Meet Intelligent Data Podcast Host Arvind MuraliArvind Murali, Perficient Principal and Chief Strategist

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Guest Juliet SilverJuliet Silver, Perficient Chief Strategist of Healthcare

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