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Introducing Our Partnership With Exterro

Exterro provides cloud based document solution

Perficient is excited to announce our partnership with Exterro.  Exterro is a leading software platform focusing on an area known as Legal GRC (Legal Governance, Risk, and Compliance).  Exterro’s software is developed “by lawyers, for lawyers” and is a fully SaaS & a secure cloud native product that helps clients using older e-discovery tools to easily adopt cloud native software.

Exterro helps our clients with three big e-discovery components:

  1. Locating the electronic documents
  2. Collecting and preserving the documents and present them to the demanding party
  3. Providing a portal so the 3rd requesting the documents can access the information

For Perficient, this represents an opportunity to provide more complete solutions around content management and information governance for our clients. Perficient’s model and goal is centered around  helping the client get more out of the tool and to help them understand how it works from the IT perspective.

With this partnership, we are better positioned to help our clients tackle challenges around information governance and legal compliance.  For example, many of our clients must put processes and systems in place to manage legal holds as part of e-Discovery.  When an organization is dealing with litigation, they must ensure that all content related to the matter is retained and preserved so that it can be provided as part of the discovery phase of a legal proceeding.  Exterro provides an elegant, modern solution to this problem.

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Courtney Gardner

Courtney Gardner is a Marketing Coordinator at Perficient.

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