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Commerce Principal Quoted in ForresterNow Report

Doing business on B2B marketplaces has become increasingly popular for both buyers and sellers. B2B firms want to invest in effective methods to strategize and market products, serve new and existing customers through the digital purchasing experience and focus more on e-channels as means of significantly gaining business revenue. Mike Rabbior, Perficient’s Principal and Commerce Chief Strategist, was quoted in two separate sections of the ForresterNow Marketers: Make Sure B2B Marketplaces Are On Your Radar report.

Tailoring a Specialized Marketplace Strategy

Forrester states that to provide an enhanced and optimized commerce experience in conjunction with fixed promotional options and marketplace platform requirements, B2B sellers need to supercharge all components of their marketplace ecosystem and online presence. Rabbior highlights the importance of understanding each unique capability of every marketplace type, “[With a marketplace], you go from running a retail store and the branding outside it to bringing all your wares to a flea market. Would you put up the same signs? Probably not.”

Conditional Promotional Factors

Each marketplace has its own set of standardized promotions, meaning B2B sellers will have to make do with each set of rules and have to find ways to stand out among the competition when it comes to factors such as product, price, or brand. Although each option has an impact on different types of consumers, Rabbior believes a brand following through on its promise is pivotal to a transaction and long-standing, trusting relationship with the consumer, stating “I have to believe that when I click that submit button, you are actually going to be able to fulfill for me – with quality product on the committed date,”.

B2B Marketplaces Are the Next Step in Commerce

B2B marketplaces are an emerging popular trend for seamless, digital purchasing experiences, and Perficient is excited to continue to share thought leadership and perspective as they gain traction in the market. To find out more, download the ForresterNow Marketers: Make Sure B2B Marketplaces Are On Your Radar report (available for purchase or to Forrester subscribers) or contact our commerce experts today.

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