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Colleagues Come Together to Donate Over $20,000 to Support Those in Hunger Around the World


According to Feeding America and the USDA, in 2019, more than 35 million Americans struggled with food insecurity; and this number has risen to nearly 50 million people during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Coming Together to Support Food Security

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Submission by Imranur Raheem, technical consultant

During our “Make a December Difference” initiative, we gave each colleague $100 to simply do something kind. Hundreds of our colleagues used their $100 and creativity to tackle food insecurity in their communities, contributing tens of thousands of dollars to the fight against hunger.

We are fortunate as a company and consider giving back an important part of our culture. Leading with empathy is the norm and we are always seeking to see things from different perspectives — as a global company, our diverse backgrounds and perspectives are what support our innovation. As we empowered our colleagues to give back in their own individual way, it became evident food security was an important cause to our people around the world.

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Some people teamed up with other colleagues and helped with food drives, and cooking and delivering meals to those in need. Many bought groceries for families who needed some extra help during the pandemic or donated to their local food bank.

Watch our video to see the different ways our colleagues made a difference by combating hunger.

KEEP WATCHING: Enjoy the incredible impact our colleagues made with this kindness campaign

Giving Back To Food Security Organizations

The types of organizations our colleagues supported are as varied as the creative ways they gave back. Local and national non-profits were both represented, and many colleagues chose to give back to organizations that were unique to their community. 

Check out some of the non-profits below our colleagues chose to help, and consider making a difference in your community:


Submission by Lavanya Venkatachalapathy, lead technical consultant

December Difference Von Fluegge

Submission by Amelie von Fluegge, senior project manager

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Perficient are big believers in giving back to the communities in which we live and work, and we have the opportunity to empower our colleagues to pay it forward and spread some much-needed joy. It’s our hope that these single acts of giving and gratitude leave individual marks on the communities in which we live and work. Together, we have an opportunity to make a global impact.

Learn more about the “Make a December Difference” campaign of kindness

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