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Optimized Global Delivery

The Organic Evolution of Global Delivery

In the pre-pandemic era, some of the stigmas of a global delivery model for projects included fears that getting a hold of your team on-demand is necessary to get work moving faster, spending time together physically to understand and communicate better is key with a culturally diverse group; you get what you pay for, and so on.

A good majority of our business community still believed that nothing could substitute a traditional in-person office environment to get the most effective productivity and business bottom line. Many a time, this ended up being true when experimented. However, this pandemic has proved this more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than reality. During the pandemic, businesses moved all possible work remotely, especially their IT work. Almost a year later, we have seen that the world has adapted very well, and businesses that adapted well were even more successful than before.

Colleagues who lived 10 miles apart and met in the office every day were no different from those who were 5,000 miles away. The meetings, work scheduling, documentation, and even the social events were now the same no matter where you are. The year 2020 became one big global community doing global delivery, especially in our IT and Services world. We shattered all the stigmas of global delivery and delivered at least the same, if not higher quality work, all remotely.

How We Work is Collectively Changing

Am I saying that in-person human interaction is not necessary for optimum productivity and job satisfaction? Absolutely not!

However, the last year has shown us that we can be equally productive working together remotely. The secret sauce is in how to do it right. At Perficient, the only thing that changed for me during the pandemic was the travel restriction. Everything else was life as usual. That is because we had adopted a great global delivery viewpoint long before the pandemic had to force it upon us. By 2020, we knew how to do it so well that we didn’t even skip a beat.

When your global delivery has always had a global view, as one team collectively, no matter where you are, then your delivery can be smooth, high quality, and cost-effective. IT organizations and other businesses that think of their offshore/nearshore partners as outsourcing divisions put up barriers that give rise to the stigmas and inefficiencies we see. At Perficient, we “wrap a team” around a project, with each member being equally vested in and accountable for the project’s success. Where you live or work will not determine your passion for a client’s success. This culture allowed us not to skip a beat!

If you haven’t considered this global view or haven’t been able to do it successfully, I would highly recommend you do now. This wave is not going to stop for your business. Find a partner that knows how to do global delivery well to help your business through its transformation and set you up for future success. A post-pandemic world is at best going to go back to a cost-effective, hybrid work environment and shared office spaces. Your business needs to be ready to compete. For guidance or questions on how Perficient does global delivery, contact our experts today.


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

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Mahmood Dhalla

Mahmood is a Global Delivery Director at Perficient and a proven Product Management Executive. His role is to manage Global Delivery for Perficient’s Commerce Business Unit and ensure the most cost-effective and high-quality results for Clients.

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