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Byte-1 : Event Driven Style – Where does this Fit?

Event driven architecture is creating lot of buzz in the market for all obvious good reasons.

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If you are building complex business processing applications where the process flows triggers based on an event performed by an action – Event driven style would be a fit.

Elasticity , Scalability , Evolutionary and fault tolerance characteristics would lead to recommend event driven architecture style.

  • [Pro]: This style provides highly scalable and performant solution to trigger an event for business processing based on an action
  • [Pro]: Highly adaptable and can build for low-latency processing of executing business process functions.
  • [Pro]: Fault tolerant capabilities to prevent data loss. Replay messages from storage
  • [Con]: This style tends to create complexity in testing as the process can lead to multiple paths based on events. Automation testing with the right tools mitigates this concern.

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