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We are excited to share our successful completion of a two-year engagement migrating one of the largest managed care organizations in the US to SharePoint Online.  Together as partners, we migrated over 45,000 SharePoint webs and more than 70 TB of data to the cloud — making it one of the largest migrations of SharePoint to Office 365 ever undertaken.

The planning for this endeavor began in 2016, starting with our assessment of the current on-premises footprint. Initially, we spent months setting up Office 365 governance and putting together a data-driven approach to modernization. These steps gave us confidence when budgeting and planning.

We did not account for a global pandemic, but we weren’t the only ones! Forced to adapt and overcome, this project encountered challenges in a time of dramatic turmoil in the healthcare industry. We are proud of the hurdles we overcame and delivered results despite them. Our client shared the comment below when reflecting on our sucess.

“… if you look at over the last two years there is no reason at all that this team and this project should be as close to finishing today as we are. It’s incredible. It’s amazing. Everybody says it. Everybody acknowledges it. Yeah, we still got some things to do, but there was no way we were supposed to be here.” 



Building a global team

Our team delivered results from all over the world. The Microsoft leaders for the project are based across the US, with two teams of people in Perficient’s Chennai, India office who made this initiative successful.

Migrations happened around the clock. Microsoft Teams enabled open and continuous communication. The transparency that Teams provided was crucial to success. Utilizing the capabilities of Team’s channels and Microsoft Stream enabled 50 people to have the latest information at their fingertips at all times, but not get bogged down in notifications and email chains.

We built strong relationships with our distributed team around the world by visiting our Chennai office multiple times over the project’s lifespan. Investing in our team was key to the growth and success of the global delivery model.Beach

Over the course of the migration, our continued automation resulted in over $1M of savings in a reduced manual effort. This is on top of the realized savings our client will receive by avoiding infrastructure and support costs. They now have access to the many benefits Office 365 offers – mobile offerings, disaster recovery, and continuous updates.

The accomplishments and the partnerships formed make Perficient proud. We have expansive multi-shore capabilities, a great potential option to consider when planning a timeline and budget. We have invested in our relationships with our global delivery team knowing our clients will too. This global mindset is propelling many other projects forward just as it did this engagement.

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Venice Thacker, Business Consultant

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