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Perficient, DTE Energy, and Non-Profit Client Win Respective Creative Awards

One award is exciting, but bringing home two awards is out of this world! We are excited to announce that DTE Energy’s Interactive, Energy Efficient Home, and a nonprofit private client have won silver and bronze (respectively) at this year’s Creativity International Design Awards.

The Creativity International Design Awards is active in recognizing exceptional design and the designers and innovators who make it happen. The competition is one of the longest-running, independent advertising and graphic design competitions around, and is judged by a panel of advertising and graphic design professionals from agencies on the East and West Coast and international agencies, as well as freelancers, educators, and creative directors. Entries are chosen selected on the quality of the art, advertising impact, or both.

The Winning Projects

DTE Energy’s interactive microsite educates consumers on how to conserve and use energy differently within their homes. The site provides a 3D virtual home-tour of ten rooms and several hotspots to learn different tips and tricks, many linking to numerous programs for customers to enroll in at DTE. Badges accompany each hotspot for customers to track their progress during the interactive tour, translating into energy savings and environmental impact such as a running total of hypothetical trees planted, or gallons of gasoline saved. This microsite launched successfully in June 2020.

The nonprofit’s initiative is a robust experience that includes an interactive map of over 95 Legacy Cities and gives users the tools such as filters and controls to navigate the map and manage and manipulate large amounts of data. The initiative is a national network of community and government leaders who work to create shared prosperity and bring attention to the needs and collective importance of older, historical cities that were once drivers of industry and wealth, but experienced decline in the 20th and 21st centuries from changes in industries and government policies. We helped design this fully functional and responsive map to act as an excellent visualization tool for all of the client’s users to research, discover, and implement different programs in each city to use in their cities. This program launched successfully in September 2020.

At Perficient, we aim to build and maintain strong partnerships with our clients with set expectations of creating exceptional work, and receiving awards for that work takes it one step higher. To find out more about other awards we have won, read our blog, Perficient and DTE Energy Bring Home Two More Wins for Interactive Virtual Home, or to find out how Perficient can help you build award-winning experiences, contact our experts today.

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Marit Sosnoff

Marit Sosnoff is a Marketing Coordinator on the Platforms and Technology pillar at Perficient. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, taking walks, and discovering new places.

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