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Perficient Earns Six Additional Google Cloud Partner Expertise Designations

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Earlier this year, Perficient became a Google Cloud Premier Partner and was named a Google Cloud Healthcare and Life Sciences Expertise Partner in recognition of our demonstrated technical proficiency, expertise, and customer impact with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We have expanded upon our success with GCP in the healthcare and life sciences markets, and are excited to announce that we have earned six additional Expertise designations: Application Development, Da

ta Lake Modernization, Competitive Technology, Search, Financial Services, and New Business Channels Using APIs.

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Application Development

Perficient has demonstrated success in building and managing applications using Google Cloud technology.

We helped an American telecommunications company  deploy GCP in order to scale the migration and deployment of workloads to a secure and reliable environment. We created an automation strategy for improving cloud operations, which also provided DevSecOps risk mitigation and allowed our client to meet compliance requirements.

Data Lake Modernization

This Expertise represents our ability to rehost data to Google Cloud. Many modern healthcare companies are increasing their cloud investment to support data security, unify disparate systems, and reduce costs.

We worked with a leading healthcare technology provider to design a GCP environment that would drive digital business. We established GCP foundations, built a multi-region solution for Open Source Cloud Foundry, and designed a data lake that integrates Informatica Cloud with GCP Cloud Storage and BigQuery. As a result, our client now has an established, secure, and governed infrastructure that is saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars every week in unplanned downtime.


Competitive Technology

We achieved our Competitive Technology Expertise designation through our demonstrated success in transitioning customers to GCP.

In a cost-savings initiative to gain control over IT infrastructure, we helped a healthcare technology company shift their proprietary platform to run on GCP. We created a migration approach and a detailed roadmap, and then facilitated the migration using Kubernetes to establish the cluster design, management, and governance needed for application containerization. With GCP and Kubernetes, our client has reduced cloud platform spending by 30% and has more control and observability over their IT environments.


We achieved Search Expertise through our success in integrating Google Cloud Search to help our customers achieve a true enterprise search across their  businesses.

Outfitted with disconnected information systems, a global food and beverage company wanted to implement Cloud Search across its enterprise, connecting file systems, databases, websites, IBM Portal, FileNet, Documentum, SaaS systems, ServiceNow, SharePoint, and more. Now, employees can easily access the information they need about products, research, policies, and their colleagues.

Financial Services

This designation speaks to our ability to help financial services institutions solve their most complex business challenges.

We teamed up with a bank to revamp its back-office operations using automation and artificial intelligence. We created a roadmap and automation center of excellence and then built a solution using RPA, NLP, ML, and BPM to drive end-to-end back-office processing automation. The bank saved $2 million from a single use case and experienced a 92% reduction in loan processing time.

New Business Channels Using APIs

Our sixth Expertise designation in New Business Channels Using APIs was achieved through making our customers’ valuable data and services available as expandable and evolvable APIs.

A leader in tax preparation had an aging API gateway that could not provide necessary application visibility. We implemented Apigee with on-premises architecture, which ensured proficiency in developing API proxies, improving application traffic visibility, establishing governance, and opening the gateway for direct use. As a result, our client can execute deployment more rapidly than before and has visibility into application traffic.

Learn More About Our Google Partnership

With more than 10 years of experience providing Google solutions to our customers and strengthened by a team of more than 200 cloud experts, Perficient combines the power of Google Cloud technology with strategy and delivery expertise to help solve critical business challenges.

Learn more about our partnership with Google and read additional client success stories here.

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