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Impact of the Data-to-Content Journey in Manufacturing

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The need for companies to evolve their digital commerce experiences is apparent. For manufacturers, creating a cohesive commerce experience is a daunting task due to the vast and complex product data they have to process. Thus, taking that complex product data and turning it into customer-friendly content can be overwhelming. To make sense of this process, we have put together a guide, Deconstructing the Data-to-Content Journey: Understanding Commerce in Manufacturing, that examines both data and content and how to create successful buying experiences.

Why Is Understanding the Data-to-Content Journey Important?

Most manufacturers are heavy on data, but not as prepared when it relates to content. As organizations build back-office systems that drive internal process and function, they are often converted or translated by a person. For instance, marketing might take product information and build catalogs. However, those catalogs could not live forever. In a digital world, there is no such thing as destroying information.

Understanding how your data is going to be represented on external channels is recognizing where you should spend your time and effort to enrich and enhance the data to turn it into content. Once the data turns into content, you have to understand who is consuming the content. That will help you answer the question of which channel you are providing product content. A channel can be considered any avenue where product content is consumed and displayed. From a system point of view, it could be an eCommerce web store, CMS, print catalog, marketplace, mobile application, or even a file output (like an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF.).

Business Benefits

Creating a digital environment that consolidates product data and outputs good content can improve the buying journey, successfully distribute product content to various channels, and provide sales teams with access to accurate and enriched product content to download or browse to better serve their buyers. Overall, making product content readily available to internal sales teams enables them and their buyers to move faster through their buying journey. And that’s not even the best part. Check out our guide to learn about the three major benefits to your business and how to navigate the commerce journey in manufacturing.


Creating these commerce experiences for our clients is our expertise. Don’t just take our word for it. Watch this video to learn more about how our work has helped shape our clients’ business.

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Karie Daudt, Senior Commerce Consultant

Senior Commerce Consultant for Perficient, a leading digital consultancy. Experience includes more than two decades in digital commerce, product management, business development and marketing for manufacturing and distribution organizations. Has provided strategic leadership for global suppliers and brands resulting in innovative techniques for improving the customer experience overall, reducing cost of sales and accelerating efficiencies within complex buying and selling scenarios. Authored articles for leading publications in the manufacturing, distribution and ecommerce industries.

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