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How Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud’s Quoting and Checkout Benefits Consumers During COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, B2B buyers want to be sure they are staying budget-conscious and aware of all the ways to get a better price on their orders. Companies need to adapt from outdated quoting methods such as in-person, door to door, and over the phone, and transition to sophisticated digital quoting and checkout.

Implementing a quick and effective quoting and checkout process can prove beneficial to both the businesses and with Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud, having that functionality readily available will be worthwhile and essential in the B2B commerce journey.

Understanding the Simplicity of the Process

With Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud, the quoting and checkout process is seamless, consistent, and allows for effortless communication between business and buyer, and the sophisticated technology provides advantages to both parties as they navigate through the commerce journey.

What the Process Entails

Episerver serves as a two-way street, and sales representatives have full visibility into which buyers are logging into the platform and their cart interactions. In turn, buyers can add and subtract items from their cart as well as interactively add comments and questions regarding products to sales representatives. This back and forth interaction also allows sales representatives to assist customers easily as they gather the information needed before they purchase.

When a buyer has all their items added to their cart, they can then request a price quote and the sales rep can then add comments, quote the entire cart or specific flagged items, and provide a promotional or one-time competitive price. Once the user reviews the feedback from the representative, they can then choose to accept or deny the quote.

How Perficient Steps In

As a trusted Episerver partner, we know exactly how to ensure visibility and accuracy between the business and buyers. Our experts begin by integrating the Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud within your company’s ERP system, and our team then makes modifications to the platform to link the quoting process to the commerce experience. Then, when a quote is accepted, a link is sent to the ERP system, establishing itself as an order that originated from a quote.

How to Find Out More

In this modern world, the quoting and checkout process should be an easy and seamless part of the buying process, and Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud can make this a reality. To find out more about implementing the platform for a simpler online quoting and checkout process, please contact our commerce experts today.

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