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Perficient Listed Among Significant Computer Vision Providers in Forrester New Wave Report

Recognized in the Forrester New Wave report for Computer Vision services

We are excited to be listed by Forrester in its recent report The Forrester New Wave™: Computer Vision Consultancies, Q4 2020 – The 13 Computer Vision Providers That Matter Most and How They Stack Up.

The New Wave™ report differs from the independent research firm’s traditional Forrester Wave™ report in the way that it only assesses emerging technologies (such as computer vision).

Computer vision, how computers gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos, has been one of the driving factors that’s contributed to the success of AI in recent years. From augmented reality games to self-driving cars to Apple’s Facial Unlock feature, it has deeply impacted our lives. And beyond these more consumer-related use cases, there are real-world applications across industry verticals like healthcare, financial services, retail, and more.

Your Computer Vision Provider

Today, enterprises are using this emerging tech for everything from drone-based predictive maintenance to document processing, and from social distance monitoring to medical imaging. But building out these capabilities requires assistance.

In the Forrester New Wave report referenced above, 13 CV consultancies were identified, interviewed and rated against 10 criteria to help you select the right partner for your use case.

Among the 13 providers rated, Perficient is labeled as a “Contender”. According to the report, “Perficient is proficient at AI strategy development and document automation.”

The Forrester report says, “With detailed strategy development, roadmap creation, and capability maturity frameworks, the firm will help you design your AI, machine learning, and CV strategy. It has significant experience implementing CV projects for OCR and document processing in financial services as well.”

And while the report frames us as a “Contender” having “…so far undertaken relatively few CV projects,” it also states that we “would be a good fit as part of a broader engagement or ongoing partnership” and that “…it makes sense to tap Perficient’s CV capabilities either within or as an extension to an existing engagement.”

Our CV Team

We are honored to be recognized as one of the top emerging vendors in the computer vision consultancy space. We believe our inclusion in this report signifies our expertise and dedication with computer vision technologies and our success in delivering strong results for our clients.

Learn More

We understand the value and innovative benefits that computer visioning provides to organizations. If you’re experiencing challenges that computer vision can solve, reach out to our experts.

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