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[Webinar Recording] Oracle Clinical One Demo and Roadmap

Clinical One

Recently, Dave Shuford, a sales consulting director at Oracle, and Caz Halsey, a director of life sciences at Perficient, presented an informative webinar on Oracle Clinical One, a new unified clinical development platform.

During the webinar, the two discussed how Clinical One is different from the legacy applications most people know. Specifically, David explained the industry’s shift from individual point solutions to a suite of applications to an integrated platform and then finally to a unified platform.

Transitioning to Clinical One isn’t just a matter of flipping a switch. The process can be complex, as the solution impacts the overall clinical operations, including people, technology, and processes. Because of this, companies will require an experienced partner, like Perficient, to help navigate their journey.

Watch the recording to see

  • The Clinical One roadmap
  • A demo of Clinical One
  • How Perficient can support your transition to Clinical One

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