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How to Deploy Your Local SQL Database on Azure SQL

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I will be going over how you can export your local SQL Database to Azure SQL within SSMS. If you have not created your SQL server and database on Azure, here is a tutorial I found on Youtube that guides you through the process.

Bp8 P1

Open your SQL Sever Management Studio and enter the Azure SQL server name from above and the credentials you have configured for the server.

Bp8 P2

Right click the local database you want to export and select ‘Tasks’ > ‘Export Data-tier Application’.

Bp8 P3

Click next and configure where you want to save your .bacpac file.

Bp8 P4

Once the export is complete, an ‘Operation Complete’ message will appear.

Bp8 P5

Now right click the database folder of the database connected to the Azure SQL.

Bp8 P6

Browse and select the .bacpac file you created above.

Bp8 P7

Name your database and configure your Azure SQL Database settings to match that of your Azure SQL settings in your portal.

Bp8 P8

Bp8 P9

Once your import has succeeded, you will be able to see your table deployed in your query editor.

Bp8 P10


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